Super Meat Boy Forever Coming to Switch, Android, iPhone, Playstation and More

Super Meat Boy Forever

Anyone reading this that does not know about Super Meat Boy probably should go check it out. Even if you hate it, at least get a basic understanding of the premise. Why? Because the sequel is coming to multiple platforms including Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iPhone, and more (full list after the jump). The only concern I have with Super Meat Boy Forever is, well, the changes they are making to the game.

Quote from the developers, “To describe Super Meat Boy Forever as an auto-runner would be a disservice. It’s like saying that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game about a swordsman. Meat Boy / Bandage Girl do always run, but there is so much more to the game than running. They can attack enemies, they can dash through the air, there are tons of levels, there are bosses, there are secrets, and there is a surprising amount of difficulty that doesn’t feel unfair. It’s everything you would expect a Super Meat Boy sequel to be. Super Meat Boy Forever is a Super Meat Boy game that you can play anywhere on pretty much any device that’s powerful enough to run it!

Yep, Super Meat Boy Forever is another auto running game. What joy. Console and PC gamers that laughed at these types of games being released on mobile can now rejoice – your turn is here. The difference is, often, these games are free on mobile while on PC and consoles there will be a cost of entry.

While true, Super Meat Boy Forever apparently plans a little more interaction between player and game world, the point is, you are still not in control of when you encounter an obstacle or enemy. The game auto scrolls and you are simply reacting to the environment with punches, kicks, slides, and possibly other offensive moves.

The full list of platforms you can enjoy Super Meat Boy Forever on include:

Apple iPhone
Google Play
Nintendo Switch
Sony Playstation (4 I presume, considering it is only coming to Xbox One)
Xbox One

Expected release is 2018 on the above platforms.

Source: Super Meat Boy website

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