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Super Penguins by Supersolid Games Preview on Zeepad 7″ Android Tablet

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The last time we saw Super Penguins here at Gaming on Batteries, it was the announcement that the ice running birds were hitting the iOS platform.  This is a preview of the, hinted at in that news post, Android version of Super Penguins by Supersolid games using the Zeepad 7 inch Android Tablet (why so much Zeepad love lately?  Because fans are asking what games will play and what do they look like).  

As with most “3D Running Games” tilting the tablet/phone will move your character around the screen while swipes on the screen will produce an action- usually jumping and sliding while some games try more varied additional moves.  Super Penguins is pretty bare bones as far as action goes, there are no targets to shoot (ala Temple Run: Brave) or things to slide under (just about every other 3D running game out there)- just a quick pace, fish to collect and enemies/obstacles to avoid.


The graphics, as you can see in the pics, are quite cartoony and friendly which could offer more gamers a reason to enter the iced over world of Super Penguins on their iOS or Android devices.

Super Penguins by Supersolid
Platform: Android (also on iOS)
Genre: 3D Running/Collectathon
Rated: Everyone on Android/9+ on iOS
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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