Survive! Mola Mola Headlines the Internet’s Most Controversial Fish

Fish are great, they swim, splash, jump, flop, and in some cases get used by seals as Frisbees. It’s not wonder humans love to keep them as pets in tiny aquatic cages thereby stunting their growth and driving them to the brink of insanity. But, not all fishes are created equal… some fishes are made to be the laughing stock of the seas. One of these fishes is the controversial genetic dead end known as the Mola mola or Ocean sunfish. Few animals can match the veracity of this fierce creature that can weight up to 2,200 pounds and live off a diet of jellyfish. But, then again few fishes can claim to have a game dedicated to the survival of their species… few fishes can claim to have Survive! Mola Mola.

Select Button Inc are the minds behind Survive! Mola Mola the precursor to Magikarp Jump another game starring an infamous fish known for its utter uselessness. But, Select Button saw potential in this bestial monstrosity and created a game meant to test the utter limits of survivability for the Ocean Sunfish. But, your task won’t be easy as the game is designed to kill your fish in many creative ways, and your job is to find the most creative ways to kill them in order to survive. Indeed, your mantra will eventually become dying is fun as your Ocean sunfish dies in a multitude of manners from having bad eyesight to choking on a piece of food and even going on random albeit deadly adventures. However, experience is on your side as each generation passes your sunfish will become more resilient and it is your job to ensure that one day a king is born and that as the ruler of the Ocean sunfish it becomes a noble/fair emperor.

You’ll feed, care, travel, and even discover treasure as you grow together with your virtual pet in Survive! Mola Mola. The journey will be long and hard, as the utmost of random situations will become deadly and perilous for your fish. After all, every single moment is an adventure when you know it could be your last. But, thankfully the Ocean sunfish have been known to lay clusters of 3,000,000 eggs per batch which ensure that you’ll never run out of test dummies… err I mean aquatic buddies. Yet, not only is his death encouraged, but it’s actually expected as their potential for growth increases per generation, gives you points and the bonuses provided from their previous deaths ensure that you’ll have an easier time with each death. To facilitate this mechanic, Survive! Mola Mola provides increasingly unique ways for your fish to die.

Mola mola in the game can die from the following situations:

1. Going on an adventure gone wrong.

2. Eating food.

3. Your fault, you caused its death.
4. Natural causes
5. Colliding with the water after a particularly large jump.
6. Dying from shock as the temperature in the bottom of the ocean decreases.
7. Crashing into a deadly rock as they only swim in one direction.
8. They forget how to breathe!!!
9. Dried up after landing on the shore and being unable to go back into the ocean.
10. Getting a deadly infection from getting scratched by birds.
11. Being eaten by people after getting caught in a net.
12. Sunlight destroys them.
13. The shock of seeing a friend die causes them to go into shock and die as well.
14. Getting stroked to death by the player.
15. Dimming the display on your phone causes them to crash into the edge of the screen and die.
16. Never being born.
17. Becoming a legend…
Survive! Mola Mola is definitely a time waster, but it’s a good waste of time. It’s almost describable as hanging out in the living room with your friends chatting about nonsense during a lazy summer day. It’s incredibly funny to see how your little virtual pet dies, and at first I was hesitant to let them die, but eventually I just stopped caring. Soon enough the players will become desensitized to the death of their fish and they’ll be simply waiting for the next batch of fish. But, as the game says despite the number of eggs laid by them, only a few survive to adulthood…
Interestingly enough a fun tidbit about Ocean sunfish was the notoriety they gained after a girl on the internet ranted about how useless these fish were. It was incredibly hilarious and had a great picture demonstrating how utterly useless the Mola mola can be. It made its rounds on the internet early in 2017 and was actually countered by scientists who don’t share her particular view on the situation of the sunfish, but even so it’s totally worth a read.
As you can see the Mola mola is every bit as useless in real life as the Survive! Mola Mola fish is in game. But, while it’s obvious that Magikarp Jump is a pretty blatant reskin of this game, it’s definitely worth trying the original. Few games can contain such a majestic creature in it’s natural habitat without sacrificing the integrity of it’s utter uselessness. But, any fish who can give birth to 3,000,000 potential offspring definitely deserves a honorable mention.  Also the fact that their most dangerous asset is their stupidity makes the fish in the game appear even greater by comparison. In essence the player is truly raising the king of the Mola mola. A fish destined for greatness, but also doomed by it’s own genetic flaws.
Once you manage to beat the game once you unlock hard mode. In hard mode the risks are higher and your bonuses are reset, but are also gained at a much faster rate than originally. Hard mode also features different storyline in which an Indian god gives your fish the ability to traverse the multiple great oceans and now he must take a journey into a type of godhood.
Survive! Mola Mola is available now on IOS and Android and is a fishy adventure you won’t want to miss. Get it now!