Switchblade II for Atari Lynx Sees First Hack Released

It is not all that often that I get to write about Atari Lynx hacks. This could be because there simply are not a lot of them. It could be because the portable was not all that popular. It could be because there are simply not many hacking tools for the Lynx. Whatever the reason, there has been a hack released for Switchblade II and it is the Atari Lynx version that has been hacked.

Switchblade II was originally released for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST computers in 1991. The Atari Lynx version arrived the following year. Playing Hiro you must fight through six levels filled with mechanoid, metal based enemies using knives, homing missiles, lasers, a flame thrower and even shuriken’s to defend yourself.

What does this hack do? First, it adds a continue option to this difficult Atari Lynx game that restarts you on the level you died on. While this may seem simple or not newsworthy, it is for a couple of reasons. It is one of the first Atari Lynx game hacks, as mentioned already but it is how this hack is implemented. For some reason Atari added additional steps to the startup process of the Atari Lynx so that hacks are harder to employ.

This startup process, a checksum check, makes hacks rather difficult but not impossible as Harry Dodgson has created a loader to get around it. I am going to have to look harder for Atari Lynx hacks because that loader is copyright 2001 – seventeen years ago. Surely someone else has released a hack or two in nearly two decades.

Head over to ROMHacking.net to grab the patch file. Since Switchblade II is still copyrighted software, I cannot link directly to the ROM file. Please don’t bother asking for a link.

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