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iOS Freebie Friday for February 7th, 2014

Everyone likes getting games for free so it is a no brainer to make a list such as this available.  Apple has done things right with iTunes by allowing developers/publishers to offer their games for free for limited amounts of time (hello Google).  Here is the latest Freebie Friday list:


Turbo Racing League on Windows Phone 8 Using the Lumia 521

Based on the hit animated Dreamworks movie, Turbo, PikPok have brought Turbo Racing League to Windows Phone 8. Featuring nine different race tracks, special events such as time trial, limited fuel, slalom and more, Turbo Racing League will entertain fans of the movie and fas of racing games.

rayman jungle fiesta run ios android itunes iphone ipad ubisoft (3)

New Game: Rayman Fiesta Run Now Available on Android and iOS

Rayman is one of the few legacy titles that has been able to find success on both consoles and mobile devices. On Android and iOS, Rayman has been re-invented into an endless running game that contains more action than the competition. This is what sets Rayman “Run” games from others on mobile devices, they feel […]

dracula twins ios itunes ipad iphone platform 2d (2)

New Game: Dracula Twins Set to Suck Blood on iOS

In an earlier news announcement it was mentioned that 2D side scrolling action platforming games were quite rare, um, here is another. While two in one day is rare, the genre as a whole is rarer these days, especially on iOS and Android where developers have a severe “3DO-osity effect” going on- they aren’t making […]

lunata rescue ios itunes iphone ipad platform 2d (2)

New Game: Lunata Rescue Jumps onto iOS

Platform games are hard to create, at least good ones, that is probably why here lately, gamers have not had a lot to choose from. Most publishers/developers are find with creating endless running affairs that are simply cash runs thanks to the In App Purchase models chosen. That is why Lunata Rescue looks so appealing, […]

batman arkham origins blackgate cell blocks 3ds nintendo sony playstation vita (1)

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Cell Blocks Screen Shots

Batman is one of the few DC Comics licenses that hasn’t had a bad game made in its honor. There have been a few that were dubious but still good in their own rights. That tradition appears to continue with Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Cell Blocks for the Nintendo 3DS and Sony Playstation Vita. […]

wizardous an apprentices betrayal kindle fire  nook android ios (2)

New Game Release: Wizardous: An Apprentice’s Betrayal

Retro styled games in the mobile world are a dime a dozen, or more, but the interesting ones are rarer. Wizardous: An Apprentice’s Betrayal may be entering a crowded market, it appears to be interesting at least, something many other titles in this genre fail to accomplish. Graphically, reminiscent of Salomon’s Key on the Nintendo […]

he-man powerful game android jxd s7300 s601 s602 s5110 ios itunes iphone (7)

Review- He-Man The Most Powerful Game on Android (16-Bit Games Aren’t Dead Yet)

He-Man, the 80′s cartoon that was originally supposed to be an animated Conan show but was changed towards the end of the creation process.  While this license has seen some games in the early 80′s on systems such as the Atari and Intellivision, it didn’t reappear till the Game Boy Advance overhead action game based […]

evertales android crescent moon games itunes google play android ios (3)

Review: Evertales on Android (Physical Buttons Do Make a Difference)

Anyone that has read Gaming on Batteries for very long knows I am a gamer from back in the day. When I say that, I don’t mean from when the PS2 was released, I mean back when the Atari 2600 reigned supreme, I was there for the release of Pitfall for instance, though young, I […]

deep dungons of doom itunes google play banner

Review – Deep Dungeons of Doom on Android

Role Playing Games (RPGs) and me go way back, so far back that they had no animation, dead enemies just flickered. If you have played and enjoyed titles like Sword of Fargoal or Alternate Reality: The City/Dungeon or just about anything on an old Apple IIe then you will recognize the “feel” of Deep Dungeons […]


Nokia Lumia 1020 Announced (AT&T Exclusive, For Now)

Nokia is not new to cell phones, they have been around for awhile. For some, they were the defacto standard for a cell phone (I was like that for years, only Nokia phones). With the advent of Windows Phone, Nokia has been pushing hard to get back into the cell phone world in a better […]

verticus moonshark stan lee avengers x-men fantastic four comic book cartoon marvel (2)

Review: Verticus on iOS (A New Take on Endless Running, er Falling Games)

Stan Lee, the man behind some of the biggest comic book successes in history, from The Fantastic Four to The X-Men, has moved over to iOS games. With Verticus, we get that trademark Stan Lee quality permeating from everything including storyline to graphics. This looks like a motion comic book. Stop before you turn to […]

ragdoll run windows phone (2)

Review: Ragdoll Run on Windows Phone (Not Your Typical Endless Runner)

Endless running games are getting a little long in the tooth. Plain and simple. This could be said of any genre that has gained popularity with some gamers versus others (a category I am quickly joining). That is why I’ve waited so long to review Ragdoll Run on Windows Phone.

zombie derby

Review: Zombie Derby on Android (JXD S7300)

Zombies and vehicles running them down is not a new concept to iOS or Android gamers.  Mixing the two in a “runner” type game with some light RPG elements is though.  At first, I hated Zombie Derby.  I didn’t understand it nor how it played, honestly, I was ready to rip this game apart in […]

sonic sal

Sonic Game Sale Celebrating 22nd Anniversary (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store Links)

Sega is on top of the Sonic birthday celebrations this year, their little blue wonder is turning 22.  Things that Sonic can now do legally include drink, but not drive (or in his case, speed).  He can visit adult establishments (such as bars) and well, Sonic is still cool even though he is no longer […]

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