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Freebie Friday iOS Games List for December 20th, 2013

Not very many returning games on the list this week which means there is nearly a full new set of games to peruse. iOS gamers enjoy the perks of getting games, that once cost money, for free while Android users are limited to still having to pay something for sales (we will have a fresh […]

combo crew android ios fight final streets of rage game bakers (2)

Freebie Friday: iOS Games November 22nd, 2013

Everyone loves getting games for free, especially legal games, which is a good reason to continue these articles that kick off the weekend right. Below is a list of free games on iOS, how long the sales are for is unknown so grab those you are interested in ASAP.

angry birds go rovio kart racing mario sonic track google play android iphone ipad apple (2)

Angry Birds Go Karting in Angry Birds Go

While many feel that the Angry Birds franchise is overdone and stretched pretty thin, Rovio has found another facet to exploit the birds and pigs. Yes, the birds and pigs are going karting.

dragon vs goblins 3D ios angry birds iphone ipod touch ipad (2)

Dragon vs Goblins 3D, 3D Physics Based Destruction, Now Available on iOS

It is an understatement to say that Angry Birds is a hit but there is one area that those little feathery creatures have not traversed 3D. While there are a few 3D physics based destruction games, they have mostly been rather basic in the graphics department.

sonic 4 episode 1 windows phone 8

Windows Phone 8 Has The Hits

It is no secret that Windows Phone 8 has a smaller app market than either iOS or Android but it is apparently a secret just what hits are available.  That is why we are doing this special report for new Windows Phone 8 owners that are looking for games for their new pocket power house […]

Gerbil Physics Google Play Pencel Games Puzzle animal (3)

Gerbil Physics Arrives on Google Play

While we don’t advocate any kind of animal cruelty here at Gaming on Batteries (neither does developer Pencel Games) we must say, Gerbil Physics at least caught our attention based on the premise (there is more to it than just that though).  Blowing up buildings made of gerbils that are more intricate and challenging than […]


Editorial: Are Mobile Gamers Spoiled by Low Prices and Throw Away Content?

In today’s mobile gaming market there seems to be a rift growing within the gaming community between gamers that want games to stay as close to free as possible and game publishers wanting to make as much money as possible off of their hard work.  Many would argue this rift has been there since the […]


Conduct an Orchestra of Fleas in Majesco’s Flea Symphony on iOS

Music games are nothing new, they have been around for decades now in one form or another but Flea Symphony has done something their competition hasn’t- they added physics to the mix.  No, not physics as in real world bouncing around playing with a physical controller

angry birds star wars google play itunes apple android zeepad

Review: Angry Birds Star Wars by Rovio on the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

In gaming it is customary to continue any series that is successful all the way to the point of being stupidly inane to the average gamer (how many versions of Street Fighter II has Capcom been peddling for the last 20 years that don’t advance the game at all?).  For some, Angry Birds has passed […]

seabirds itunes app store ios ipad iphone ipod touch shamrock games (5)

Review – Seabirds for iOS

I love puzzle games.  I thought I would preface this by saying as much.  So when Seabirds landed in my lap I figured I would give it a run.  I’m glad I did.  In Seabirds the overall objective is to feed your Seabird the corresponding colored fish without getting them mixed up.  If you do […]


Review – Airbag Frank 3D – JXD S601 Android Portable

One thing this cell phone gaming phenomenon has done is that it has taken control of most games out of the hands of the gamer that is “playing” them.  This is a design choice that gets more annoying depending on the genre of game that you are playing- running games are the worst offenders for […]

sea birds logo

Sea Birds Launched Onto iOS Platform For Freemium Price

Puzzle games on portables are a mainstay since the days of Tetris on the original Nintendo Game Boy. To be a success, a portable NEEDS good puzzle games (quick, name puzzle game on the Atari Lynx, point proven). This is one area that iOS and Android have no problem throwing down in the puzzle category.

gibbets 2 ios itunes iphone physics angry birds (1)

Gibbets 2 Coming to iOS

Physics based games are still going strong on portables, we have enjoyed games where we saved eggs with birds, shot evil soldiers, seen monster trucks take on skulls and more over the years.  Now, we can help save people from the gallows in Gibbets 2 on iOS devices.  Yes, thanks to Herocraft, you too can […]


Slice It Review – JXD S601 Android

Slicing games, also including games that require cutting something into various pieces, are common place for touch devices.  Quite like how Tetris clones were popular on early cell phones that had a black and white screen (quit laughing it is true, we had cell phones at one time with black and white, not even touch, […]

angry birds thumb android physics rovio game

Angry Birds Space Review – JXD S601 Android

 The birds have been to Rio, celebrated various seasons and just generally wreaked havoc on those egg stealing low down dirty pigs in many titles, along with several updates to each over the years.  Now, they have gone to Star Trek country by entering space, the final frontier (where will the go next?) as the […]

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