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Mystic Marbles to Debut on iTunes App Store January 9th

New puzzle games, particularly those of the Bejeweled persuasion are nothing new. There are so many available that new games in this genre need to have something unique to entice fans to try new games. Mystic Marbles has a few tricks up its sleeve.


Interview with Raul Portales of Codemon

Carl Williams recently came to me to give me an opportunity to write for Gaming on Batteries, in the form of Codemon coverage. After speaking with Raul Portales through e-mails, and deciding an interview was the best way to present Codemon to our readers, I drafted several questions I’d hoped he hadn’t answered one hundred […]


Review: Dig! Your Way to Riches on Android

Join Douglas Chase on his adventures in digging up his back yard to discover the buried treasures and riches there. Much like other Qix games, the challenge is much more pronounced than what is apparent when you start.

bigfoot hidden giant

Celebrate Independence Day By Searching for Bigfoot

G5 Entertainment are celebrating independence day by giving away one of their more popular hidden object games, Bigfoot: Hidden Giant. There is no need to go any farther if you are a hidden object fan other than to the bottom of this news post for the links to your favorite platform.

sonic sal

Sonic Game Sale Celebrating 22nd Anniversary (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store Links)

Sega is on top of the Sonic birthday celebrations this year, their little blue wonder is turning 22.  Things that Sonic can now do legally include drink, but not drive (or in his case, speed).  He can visit adult establishments (such as bars) and well, Sonic is still cool even though he is no longer […]

dungeon hunter 4 gameloft android jxd s7300 google  (4)

Dungeon Hunter 4 Screen Shots

We will have a review available later but for now, rather than doing a preview, we are just going to post some screen shots from the early part of the game.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  This is the fourth game in the popular Dungeon Hunter series by Gameloft, a […]

RPG Adelphia 2 itunes iphone ipad kemco role playing game (3)

Kemco Having iOS Sale

Kemco, a long running game publisher from back in the early days of gaming, is having a sale on two of their extremely popular Role Playing Games on iTunes.  RPG Adelphia 1 and 2 are on sale for $0.99 each for a limited time.


Epic Mech Wars Hits iOS Today

Ever since seeing Robotech and Transformers as a child on television, I have been a giant robot fan.  It is something that has stuck with me throughout my life, really.  There is just something about giant robots that is cool and interesting to me.  That is part of the reason that I am excited about […]


Review: Dungelot From Red Winter Software on the JXD S601 Android Device

Let me preface this review by saying, Dungelot is THE Roguelike game for people that hate Roguelike games.  There, I said it, now that that little fact is out of the way, I can get on with explaining why that is.  Forget just about everything you hate about Rogue and the genre in general because […]


Interactive TV Style Gaming is Here with Braindex on iPad and iPad Mini

Companies have been trying to bring interactive television to viewers/gamers since the late 80′s with many failed attempts. Millions of dollars have been spent on trying to get people to buy into turning their television shows into interactive programming (Wheel of Fortune came the closest with a costly add-on but still failed miserably within focus […]

train conductor 2 logo

Review: Train Conductor 2 by The Voxel Agents on The Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

The Voxel Agents know how to make a cool, addicting, game out of a premise that just doesn’t sound that cool.  I mean, who really thinks being a train conductor would be a cool game, yet here we are with the second game in the series on Android.  Awhile back, when we had Video Game […]

beach buggy blitz ios iphone android jxd s601 s5110 s5100 google (2)

Review: Beach Buggy Blitz on JXD S601 Android Hand Held

I reviewed Beach Buggy Blitz awhile back on the Zeepad tablet and while it was quite a bit of fun (it scored a 90), I have to say, it is just that much better on the JXD S601.  Why?  Physical controls of course.  Yes, having physical buttons does make a TON of difference with Beach […]


Review: Raiden Legacy on JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Back in the day, we took games like Raiden for granted, the genre was overpopulated so to speak, there were tons of scrolling shooters available on all platforms.  Even with all of that competition, the quality of Raiden was able to stand out and spawned quite the following with fans.  Now, years later, Raiden has […]


Sale: Wild Blood by Gameloft on Sale

Gameloft are known for making cool games and when sale time comes up, they are one of the companies that dips the deepest with their sales (their games are usually markedly higher than the competition’s prices mind you).  Today, Gameloft has put Wild Blood on sale for $0.99, that is less than a buck, folks.

Dungeon Fighter Gunner Google Play iTunes Nexon  (3)

Dungeon Fighter Gunner Beats iOS and Android Into Submission

Scrolling fighters seem to be making a comeback similar to 2.5D action platformers and that revival continues with Dungeon Fighter Gunner on iOS and Google Play. Nexon Co. have recreated their insanely popular PC title on portable devices and judging by the shots, they did quite well.

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