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Apple Device Owners, Are You Mad Yet?


Everyone knows there is an “Apple tax” for buying their products. This is a not so clever name for the fact that Apple is one of the few companies to still offer free customer service – well, free as in

Moe! Ninja Girls Corny Anime Girls Abound!

Ninja girls, ninja boys, token gaijin, and plenty of hijinks are abreast in this titillating visual novel by the NTT Solmare Corporation! But, busty ninjas aren’t the only thing that awaits you in Moe! Ninja Girls as plenty of jokes

Magikarp Jump Continues to Make a Splash

Magikarp Jump is one of those mobile titles that make people look in disbelief. A game where the objective is to teach Magikarps to be the best like no one ever was… to jump other magikarps is the real test