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lightning fighter 2

Freebie Friday iOS Games for Friday January 17th, 2014

Everyone loves free games and thanks to the way Apple has set up their App Store, we can bring you this list of cool games that are free for a temporary time. Check out the games below and grab your favorites while they are free.

eternity warriors 3

New Game: Eternity Warriors 3 by Glu Mobile Arrives on Android

Whether you like the “pay to play” model or not, it is here to stay. Companies like Glu Moblie are showing strong support for this style of game, surely because gamers are spending more money a little here and there over time. Eternity Warriors 3 is finally here and it definitely supports the “pay to […]

angry birds go rovio kart racing mario sonic track google play android iphone ipad apple (2)

Freebie Friday iOS Games for December 13th, 2013

Another Friday, another list of iOS games that are currently free for a limited time. Grab some pretty cool games for nothing more than opening iTunes and clicking download. Android users, we would do a similar article for your platform if Google would allow publishers to lower their prices to free for limited times. We […]

devils attorney logo

Saturday iOS Sales for December 7th, 2013

Apple and their iTunes platform are quite a formidable opponent for anyone wishing to break into the digital world.  They are also smart at marketing, allowing sales and even freebie, offers to be made by publishers as they wish.  That brings us to the eclectic mix of titles we have listed below that are on […]


Freebie Friday iOS Games for November 29th, 2013

Everyone loves getting games for free, especially legal games, which is a good reason to continue these articles that kick off the weekend right. Below is a listof free games on iOS, how long the sales are for is unknown so grab those you are interested in ASAP.

he-man powerful cartoon 80's ios itunes apple action grayskull skeletor she-ra (1)

iOS Sale: Freebie Friday

The iOS platform is one of the most prolific libraries of gaming in history.  Games run the gamut of retro to modern shooters to peeing games.  Below are a set of free games that we culled for our first Freebie Friday list.  Enjoy these titles while they are free and before they go back up […]

arc squadron redux itunes apple iphone ipad google play android jxd s7300 (2)

ARC Squadron: Redux Reminds Us of the 3rd Person Space Shooter Genre

Remember how cool Star Fox was back in the day on the Super Nintendo? Remember how cool it was to see the series hit the Nintendo 64 with those updated graphics? While ARC Squadron: Redux may not be a title by Nintendo, ARC is quite the homage.

robo and bobo windows phone 8 android microsoft nokia apple iphone ipad android jxd s7300 lumia (3)

Robo & Bobo, A New 3D Puzzler, Hits Mobile

3D puzzle titles are nothing new, we have had them for years, but as with this style of game, each has a unique pull. Robo & Bobo has cute graphics, challenges players to think like programmers and you know you want to reunite the robot with his teddy bear.

angry birds go rovio kart racing mario sonic track google play android iphone ipad apple (2)

Angry Birds Go Karting in Angry Birds Go

While many feel that the Angry Birds franchise is overdone and stretched pretty thin, Rovio has found another facet to exploit the birds and pigs. Yes, the birds and pigs are going karting.

wheres my water 2 android windows phone itunes apple lumia google play iphone (1)

Review: Where’s My Water 2 on Windows Phone 8

The first Where’s My Water game was well received here at Gaming on Batteries, scoring a mid range 80′s in our review over a year ago.  The second title is just what a sequel should be, more of the same that hooked players, with a dash of new to keep fans interested and coming back […]

he-man powerful game android jxd s7300 s601 s602 s5110 ios itunes iphone (7)

Review- He-Man The Most Powerful Game on Android (16-Bit Games Aren’t Dead Yet)

He-Man, the 80′s cartoon that was originally supposed to be an animated Conan show but was changed towards the end of the creation process.  While this license has seen some games in the early 80′s on systems such as the Atari and Intellivision, it didn’t reappear till the Game Boy Advance overhead action game based […]

storm of magic ios itunes shamrock games reivew triverse (4)

Review: Storm of Magic on iOS (Tower Defense Gets Major Face Lift)

While I am a fan of titles like Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2 and Pixel Kingdom, I am not a fan of traditional tower defense games.  I prefer the aforementioned titles, even though they are not that different, which are known as “lane defense”.  That is why it is with good reason that I […]

evertales android crescent moon games itunes google play android ios (3)

Review: Evertales on Android (Physical Buttons Do Make a Difference)

Anyone that has read Gaming on Batteries for very long knows I am a gamer from back in the day. When I say that, I don’t mean from when the PS2 was released, I mean back when the Atari 2600 reigned supreme, I was there for the release of Pitfall for instance, though young, I […]


Interview with Raul Portales of Codemon

Carl Williams recently came to me to give me an opportunity to write for Gaming on Batteries, in the form of Codemon coverage. After speaking with Raul Portales through e-mails, and deciding an interview was the best way to present Codemon to our readers, I drafted several questions I’d hoped he hadn’t answered one hundred […]


Review: Dig! Your Way to Riches on Android

Join Douglas Chase on his adventures in digging up his back yard to discover the buried treasures and riches there. Much like other Qix games, the challenge is much more pronounced than what is apparent when you start.

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