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Android Sale Saturday for November 23rd 2013

Since Google has yet to implement an option for publishers to offer their apps and games for free on a limited time basis.  This is possibly going to change since they are allowing magazine publishers to do just that.  Though it is not in place for anything outside of their “newstand” we feel it is […]


Nokia Lumia 1020 Announced (AT&T Exclusive, For Now)

Nokia is not new to cell phones, they have been around for awhile. For some, they were the defacto standard for a cell phone (I was like that for years, only Nokia phones). With the advent of Windows Phone, Nokia has been pushing hard to get back into the cell phone world in a better […]

double dragon 3 in app purchase arcade fighting coin pay buy rip off (6)

The Birth of Micro Transactions Revealed (It Is Much Older Than Expected)

Many people bemoan the micro transaction model that has been accepted by many game publishers with the advent of mobile gaming devices such as the iPhone and Android phones and tablets.  There are many arguments about why publishers like this business model so much, one of the most prolific being anti-piracy steps – what is […]

t-mobile nokia lumia 521 windows phone 8

Hardware Review: Nokia Lumia 521 Windows Phone 8

When Microsoft came out with Windows Phone 7, then 8, they changed the whole layout of the OS (much like they did with the desktop version of 8) and as someone that came from using Windows Mobile 2002, then 2003 and then 6.5, I can honestly say it is about time they got it right.

pac man tournaments android google play jxd s7300 namco bandai (3)

Review: Pac-Man + Tournaments on Android

Pac-Man, a gaming staple since nearly the beginning and a title that is a timeless title.  From the music to the graphics, that impression on the subconscious is permanent once you play a few mazes, even if it has been years.  Right now, you are probably imagining the sound effects and hearing that “whomp whomp” […]

blazing star android neo geo itunes logo

Review: Blazing Star by SNK Playmore on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

The Neo Geo, a system that not many owned but many know about and probably wanted (who didn’t want arcade perfect home games?).  The price was the biggest hurdle for many gamers back in the day and with a recent relaunch of the basic idea of the system, more gamers will probably get to enjoy […]

pinball feature image

3 Pinball Games Worth Your Time on Android

Pinball is a genre that I never really got into growing up, partly because of the high cost of entry and the speed in which the game was over (a buck for three chances was NOT a good deal to a youngster that could own Strider for a good 10 minutes on a single quarter). […]


Review: Raiden Legacy on JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Back in the day, we took games like Raiden for granted, the genre was overpopulated so to speak, there were tons of scrolling shooters available on all platforms.  Even with all of that competition, the quality of Raiden was able to stand out and spawned quite the following with fans.  Now, years later, Raiden has […]


Old School Overhead Scrolling Shooters Return with Raiden Legacy on iOS and Android

The high watermark for overhead shooters has been the Raiden series for years and now, Raiden Legacy brings four of the Raiden titles to iOS and Android. In this package gamers get, Raiden (the original), Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet (some SNK naming going on there?).


Review: Rimblade by Gremlin Games Mobile on Android Using the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

Anyone that grew up playing games in the late 80′s and early 90′s will recognize the style that Gremlin Games Mobile are going for in their title, Rimblade.  Overhead scrolling shooters are rarer than they used to be (at one time, overhead/sidescroll shooters were more popular than action adventure games).


Total Recoil Dual Stick Shoots It’s Way Onto iTunes

Here at Gaming on Batteries we are huge fans of classic, overhead, shooters- the dual stick variety are even better.  Memories of playing games like Smash TV, Soldiers of Fortune, Robo Warrior (okay, that is more MY game but still) and Loaded all are running in our minds as we check out Total Recoil on […]


Wingbreaker Shoots Onto the iOS Platform

Anyone that remembers the old days of gaming when we had overhead scrolling shooters that were cool, interesting and challenging without being obnoxious with the bullet count will be right at home with Wingbreaker on iOS by Riggerman Games.  Blasting enemies, collecting power-ups and more abound in this throwback to a simpler, many would say […]


Review: Contract Killer on Zeepad Android Tablet

Contract Killer is a title that I was very interested in reviewing on the the JXD S601 but couldn’t due to the lower screen resolution.  While the game played fine, there came a point where advancement was impossible due to the screen not showing all of the gameplay screen (the “buy” button was below the […]


iOS Smash Hit Ant Raid Being Ported to Android

HeroCraft is working with original Finnish developers Prank Ltd. to port the original over to the Android platform.  The original was well received on the App Store garnering over a Four Star rating due to retina display graphics, quirky characters, and arcade action with a touch of RTS added in.

king of fighters 96 psp minis snk playmore arcade (2)

Review – King of Fighters ’96 on PSP Minis

Fighting games are nothing new, we have them on all systems and in a myriad of variations on the theme. The difference is, the great fighting games worth your time are few and far between- though in general the genre is getting better. Drop back over 15 years now and check out one of the […]

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