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resident evil 2 game boy advance gba tech demo beta port raylight italy (2)

Gaming on Nintendo: Resident Evil 2 Tech Demo Release Coming Soon

Over on our sister site, Gaming on Nintendo, we have some rather interesting news about the impending release of a rare, unofficial, Resident Evil 2 tech demo soon to be released.


A Brief History of Hand Held Gaming and Why Microsoft Xbox Needs to Be Involved

Many have tried to dethrone the mighty Nintendo from their pedistal built around hand held gaming. Those same companies have failed, some damn near into bankruptcy over their failed hand helds. It takes clout, it takes deep pockets and exclusive titles to even make a dent in the armor that the Game Boy built.

combo crew android ios fight final streets of rage game bakers (2)

Review: Combo Crew on Android (FINALly FIGHTing Done Right on Mobile)

When I wrote about Combo Crew before, I was quite unsure about how well The Game Bakers could pull off the idea of an all touch fighting game.  After playing it though, all concerns have been alleviated and a great game has been revealed.  Basically, Combo Crew is a single screen fighting game in the […]

Combo Crew android google play itunes apple jxd s7300 ipod ipad iphone (6)

Combo Crew (Final Fight Tap As We Call It) Now On Android and iOS

Fighting games have been a part of gaming since the days of Karateka, with each new generation of hardware comes some form of an update to the classic formula. For too long, those updates were simply graphical in nature rather than innovation in the game play. Enter Combo Crew from The Game Bakers, or as […]

death dome android fighting battle (1)

Review: Death Dome by Griptonite Games on the Zeepad 7 Inch ICS Tablet

It seems as we got closer to the end of 2012, more and more facets of entertainment are becoming fascinated with how the world could end.  This is quite true in gaming where the world has been “ending” every few games since about 1980 or so due to some catastrophic event or another.  Nothing beats […]

blood and glory google play android itunes glu mobile s601 (5)

Review: Blood and Glory by Glu Mobile for the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Growing up from the 8-bit era through to today has given me a bit of insight to the background of fighting games and their roots and progression throughout history.  Up till about the 32-bit era, fighting games were 2D, no matter if it was one plane (Street Fighter II) or levels (Final Fight), they were […]


NeoMech Now Available on iOS Platform

I love giant robot games such as Offworld and I love scrolling brawlers too such as Final Fight (or just about any fighting game by Capcom, they just have the “feel” right).  Mixing the two is a great idea in my book, instant hit


Street Fighter to Challenge Tekken this Winter

Capcom used to be the undisputed king of fighting games (back when Street Fighter 2 hit arcades, it was years before a serious contender hit). Tekken hit, while not the first serious challenger Capcom’s golden fist belt, it was still a change of pace for many gamers looking for something new. Now, years later, we […]

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