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Review: Dungelot From Red Winter Software on the JXD S601 Android Device

Let me preface this review by saying, Dungelot is THE Roguelike game for people that hate Roguelike games.  There, I said it, now that that little fact is out of the way, I can get on with explaining why that is.  Forget just about everything you hate about Rogue and the genre in general because […]


Contest: Running Fred Pirate Costume Code

This code is a first come, first serve code with EXTREMELY limited redemptions so get it while you can.  Running Fred was recently reviewed here on Gaming on Batteries and scored quite well.  As you may know, Running Fred is a freemium title, Dedalord has given us a code for one of the more popular […]


Review – Running Fred on JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Running games are seemingly the genre of choice for mobile gaming, much like 2D platforming was the mascot genre for the 8 and 16-BIt eras. 3D ones are more interesting to me than the 2D running games and that brings us to Running Fred.  Fred, not the Youtube dude, has been seen previously in a […]

bombergeddon android google jxd s601 s5110 s5100 arcade bomberman (1 (3)

Bombergeddon Premium Review – JXD S601 Android

Robo Warrior on the Nintendo Entertainment System is a big thing in my gaming life, it is such a cool game, one that is unique and to me, fun- the rest of the world seems to differ quite a bit on that though.  In Japan, Robo Warrior is officially a part of the Bomberman franchise, […]

dungeon village kairosoft android market fantasy simulation (2)

Dungeon Village Review- S601 Android

Kairosoft have created quite a niche for themselves with their series of, seemingly, simple simulation games that started with Game Dev Story just a few years ago.  Continuing the trend, Dungeon Village takes the series into the medieval ages (other titles have covered Grand Prix racing, space, cruise lines and even a mall or two).

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