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running quest itunes iphone endless rpg (1)

Interview: Sterling Selover of Selosoft, Publisher of Running Quest

Yesterday, we covered a new game coming to iOS in 2014, Running Quest.  Today, we are releasing an interview we did with the developer/publisher/owner of Selosoft, Sterling Selover.  For those that don’t know, Running Quest is a new take on endless running games, one with more action, character development and upgrading.  Running Quest is not […]

running quest itunes iphone endless rpg (1)

Endless Running Meets Role Playing Game in Running Quest

Endless running games are becoming more of an annoyance than being cool or fun. To enter this genre, a game has to offer something unique to gamers to spike their interest. Running Quest by Selosoft may be just what this genre needs.

storm of magic ios itunes shamrock games reivew triverse (4)

Review: Storm of Magic on iOS (Tower Defense Gets Major Face Lift)

While I am a fan of titles like Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2 and Pixel Kingdom, I am not a fan of traditional tower defense games.  I prefer the aforementioned titles, even though they are not that different, which are known as “lane defense”.  That is why it is with good reason that I […]

enchanted kingdom elisas adventure

Herocraft Releases The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure on iOS

We covered this title on Android awhile back, and now we are covering the iOS versoin. How is that for a switch? Android players got the game first. Anyhow, Herorcaft have shown they are a quality game developer and publisher and Enchanted Kingdom just furthers that image.

knights of pen and paper logo

Preview: Knights of Pen and Paper on the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

Dungeons and Dragons has been around since before gaming hit it big in the early 1980′s and ever since then, companies have been after that license and, with various levels of success, been able to bring a reasonable facsimile of the game to fans.  The problem with the previous attempts at a D&D game is […]


Preview: The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure on Android

HeroCraft, indie studio rocking digital content, are dipping their toes into many genres with The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure including, but not limited to, hidden object, match 3 and even city building all in one game.  Take the role of Elisa and lead her to her rightful place on the throne.  The quest will not […]


The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure Announced

Combining two time tested genres, The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure is the ultimate in “match three” and “hidden object.” Taking place in a gorgeously realized fantasy realm filled with dragons, octopuses and reindeer, not to mention the townsfolk involved in the story, The Enchanted Kingdom is its own spin on classic gameplay. Featuring over 50 […]

castle of shadows playphone android google action hand held (3)

Castle of Shadows Review- JXD S601 Android

Action titles involving the undead, usually a vampire of some sort, are a dime a dozen.  Ones that are actually good are rarer though.  Castle of Shadows by Playphone Inc, runs the gamut of mediocrity for storys- literally one sentence that mentions something about

dungeon village kairosoft android market fantasy simulation (2)

Dungeon Village Review- S601 Android

Kairosoft have created quite a niche for themselves with their series of, seemingly, simple simulation games that started with Game Dev Story just a few years ago.  Continuing the trend, Dungeon Village takes the series into the medieval ages (other titles have covered Grand Prix racing, space, cruise lines and even a mall or two).

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