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Android Saturday Sales for December 21st, 2013

While Android gamers are used to not getting “freebie” sales, they do get a good amount of games discounted for sales throughout the month. There are some repeat members on this list but there is also a fair amount of newcomers to check out at a discounted price.


Freebie Friday iOS Games for November 29th, 2013

Everyone loves getting games for free, especially legal games, which is a good reason to continue these articles that kick off the weekend right. Below is a listof free games on iOS, how long the sales are for is unknown so grab those you are interested in ASAP.

destiny fantasia kemco google play willgoo jxd s7300 (4)

Review: Destiny Fantasia on JXD S7300 Android Tablet

Kemco, the publisher from way back in the day is still around publishing on Android and iOS platforms.  They focus on localizing role playing games that we may not have gotten otherwise such as Destiny Fantasia.  The big question for English speaking gamers is, what type of role playing game is Destiny Fantasia and how […]


Cross Hearts Arcadia Begins its Journey on iOS

Kemco are on a roll lately with new RPGs in the classic form. Recently having released Destiny Fantasia on Android and now iOS gets some classic love with Cross Hearts Arcadia.


Destiny Fantasia Slashes onto Google Play

Continuing their long line of releasing English versions of their Role Playing Games (RPGs), Kemco has just released Destiny Fantasia onto Google Play. Fans of Kemco games on Android/iOS know what to expect, this is decidedly in their comfort zone.

sonic 4 episode 1 windows phone 8

Windows Phone 8 Has The Hits

It is no secret that Windows Phone 8 has a smaller app market than either iOS or Android but it is apparently a secret just what hits are available.  That is why we are doing this special report for new Windows Phone 8 owners that are looking for games for their new pocket power house […]

RPG Adelphia 2 itunes iphone ipad kemco role playing game (3)

Kemco Having iOS Sale

Kemco, a long running game publisher from back in the early days of gaming, is having a sale on two of their extremely popular Role Playing Games on iTunes.  RPG Adelphia 1 and 2 are on sale for $0.99 each for a limited time.

final fantasy 4 IV

Square Enix Final Fantasy Sale on iOS

Square Enix has dropped the price on their Final Fantasy titles on iOS for a limited time.  Grab them at their discounted prices while you can- some are steeper discounts than others but in general, gamers will save a lot of money during this sale.


Editorial: Are Mobile Gamers Spoiled by Low Prices and Throw Away Content?

In today’s mobile gaming market there seems to be a rift growing within the gaming community between gamers that want games to stay as close to free as possible and game publishers wanting to make as much money as possible off of their hard work.  Many would argue this rift has been there since the […]

alphadia II

Alphadia II Looms From Kemco on Android

Kemco have become quite the Android RPG publisher as of late with RPG’s that very much resemble the heyday of 16-Bit goodness.  Take the latest title, Alphadia II, set 200 years after the events of the original game, bringing in tow great graphics that feel like they were drawn by the same artist that did […]

adventure bar story android google cooking adventure (3)

Preview- Adventure Bar Story on Zeepad Android Tablet

Okay, honestly I had no idea what to expect when I first downloaded the demo for Adventure Bar Story and after having played for several hours, I am still wondering what it is exactly I have accomplished.  I suck at cooking apparently, or at least knowing the proper ingredients and methods of doing so.  The […]

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