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Nintendo Switch Cracked Custom Firmware Coming in 2018

Team Xecuter Nintendo Switch

It was inevitable that we would see the Nintendo Switch hacked. We have seen emulators and ports of Doom running on it and now, we are on the cusp of seeing the first Custom Firmware released. There are many benefits

Nintendo Switch Hacked, Emulators and PC Ports Already Running

Nintendo Switch

Well this didn’t take all that long. It seems that the Nintendo Switch has been hacked. What was this, a year or so? We already know about the emulator for the Nintendo Switch, now we see emulators ON the Nintendo

Switchblade II for Atari Lynx Sees First Hack Released

Switchblade II

It is not all that often that I get to write about Atari Lynx hacks. This could be because there simply are not a lot of them. It could be because the portable was not all that popular. It could