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Microids, Publisher of Syberia, Celebrates Android Release

While Syberia 3 is coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 soon, the Android version of the original is celebrating high ranking in the “Brain” category on Google Play. Currently in the Top 5 new paid games, Syberia is holding firm with fans who have not forgotten this classic adventure title.


Emulators And The Nvidia Shield Harmony in Gaming!

Welcome back friends! I hope today to not only to scratch your itch for retro gaming but, to also show you why the Nvidia Shield is one of the perfect platforms to scratch that itch. I will be listing which emulators work with the Nvidia Shield and what Frame Per Second speeds most games run […]


The Good, The Awesome, The Nvidia Shield

Hello friends glad to meet you one and all. I would like to introduce you to the Nvidia Shield. I understand some of you either have not heard of the Nvidia Shield, and others of you have a problem with the device because it isn’t made by Sony or Nintendo or Microsoft. The old saying […]


Interview with Raul Portales of Codemon

Carl Williams recently came to me to give me an opportunity to write for Gaming on Batteries, in the form of Codemon coverage. After speaking with Raul Portales through e-mails, and deciding an interview was the best way to present Codemon to our readers, I drafted several questions I’d hoped he hadn’t answered one hundred […]

resident evil 2 game boy advance gba tech demo beta port raylight italy (2)

Gaming on Nintendo: Resident Evil 2 Tech Demo Release Coming Soon

Over on our sister site, Gaming on Nintendo, we have some rather interesting news about the impending release of a rare, unofficial, Resident Evil 2 tech demo soon to be released.


A Brief History of Hand Held Gaming and Why Microsoft Xbox Needs to Be Involved

Many have tried to dethrone the mighty Nintendo from their pedistal built around hand held gaming. Those same companies have failed, some damn near into bankruptcy over their failed hand helds. It takes clout, it takes deep pockets and exclusive titles to even make a dent in the armor that the Game Boy built.

letcool hand held (3)

Geekgoo Closeout: Letcool 350JP Hand Held with Free DHL Shipping

Willgoo, our first and continuing sponsor here at GoB has just let us know that the factory is closing out the Letcool 350JP hand held system (it is able to be connected to your HDTV for play at home too).  This special closeout sale is limited to stock on hand, less than 10 available, and […]


Yinlips YDPG27 Now Available, 7″ Tablet With Physical Controls

Willgoo, our great partners here at Gaming on Batteries, have just announced that they have the Yinlips YDPG27 in stock and ready for shipping.  Check out the specs below on this 7 inch tablet.


Week #2 of The Willgoo Christmas Contests

Willgoo is continuing their contests for the Christmas season, now going on week #2.  This week the challenge is “Tell Us What You Think” where they are asking fans to enter with their best slogans.  The winner receives a Yinlips YDPG17.


Boulder Dash-XL Digs Its Way Onto iOS Devices Today

Anyone that has played very many indie games, or has been playing games in general for over a decade or two, knows all about the Boulder Dash franchise, or at least a similar title made in its image.  Herocraft are back, along with First Star Software, and they just released an update to the Boulder […]


Review: Pizza Shop Mania by Digital Chocolate on the Zeepad 7″ Android Tablet

Time management games are all over the mobile market, almost as prolific as Bejeweled clones are.  We have seen sushi bars, restaurants, nightclubs and many other facets of general life hit the time management trail, now we have pizzarias in Pizza Shop Mania (missed opportunity for advertising include Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut and Dominoes just […]

persona 4 header

Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition Coming to PS Vita

Atlus is releasing Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition on Vita this fall. Golden is the redux version of the original that released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2008. The Premium Edition will come with a carrying case, hard screen cover, protective skin, stickers, and quite possibly one of the longest names given […]

gibbets 2 ios itunes iphone physics angry birds (1)

Gibbets 2 Coming to iOS

Physics based games are still going strong on portables, we have enjoyed games where we saved eggs with birds, shot evil soldiers, seen monster trucks take on skulls and more over the years.  Now, we can help save people from the gallows in Gibbets 2 on iOS devices.  Yes, thanks to Herocraft, you too can […]

wario land super mario land 3a

8-Bit Summer Series of Nintendo- Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Now Available

Longtime Nintendo fans are quite familiar with Mario’s alternate ego, Wario, and now thanks to Nintendo and their “8-Bit Summer Series” both fans and new gamers can enjoy Wario’s antics on Kitchen Island.  Wario is scheming to steal a golden statue of Princess Toadstool that some pirate have (no honor among thieves). Nintendo is known […]


Bombergeddon Now on Google Play for Android Devices

Bomberman is a game that is nearly a genre unto itself, there haven’t been too many titles that really expanded on the basic formula leaving the genre pretty much to one single series that was published by Hudson Soft oh so many years ago.  Bomberman hit on Turbo Grafx-16, Genesis, SNES and a few portables […]

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