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ant raid

HeroCraft Release Demo Version of Popular Ant Raid Title on Android

If you have been avoiding HeroCraft’s Any Raid game due to there not being a demo available then you have no excuse now. HeroCraft have just released a two level demo for their popular title about the tiniest workers in nature.

munch time samsung apps puzzle indie (2)

Munch Time Hits Samsung Apps (Come a Come a Chameleon)

Puzzle games are great on mobile devices, devs are forced to be creative with the mechanics rather than going all flash with the graphics and music.  Munch Time, now available for Samsung devices through the Samsung App store, is a puzzle game featuring a chameleon that is simply hungry.  

temple of the sun and moon steve miller badass games android kickstarter (1)

Interview With Steve Miller and Bad Ass Games

We don’t usually cover Kickstarter campaigns here at Gaming on Batteries so you know, when we do, there is something pretty special about the game in question.  That is the case with Temple of the Sun and Moon by Bad Ass Games and this interview with Steve Miller, the man behind the very interesting title […]


Epic Mech Wars Hits iOS Today

Ever since seeing Robotech and Transformers as a child on television, I have been a giant robot fan.  It is something that has stuck with me throughout my life, really.  There is just something about giant robots that is cool and interesting to me.  That is part of the reason that I am excited about […]

brick wars

Brick Wars for iOS Coming (Think Space Invaders Bullet Hell and You Will Be Close)

Talk about a game that is so simple that it makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it before, that is what Brick Wars is.  Take the Space Invaders theme, slam some pixel heavy graphics and a dash of Mars Matrix style bullet hell and you will be close to getting an idea of […]

sector strike android google clapfoot shooter

Review: Sector Strike by Clapfoot Inc on the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

Taking two different genres and mixing them together has been around for a long time, we have seen RPG’s mixed with Bejeweled, action titles and now we have another entry in the short list of side scrolling shooter RPG’s available.  Sector Strike brings 2.5D game play to Android gamers along with a fair bit of […]


Icon Pop Quiz Surpasses One Million Downloads on iOS

Alegrium, developer/publisher of Icon Pop Quiz, has just released a major content update to celebrate the fact that their game has reached its one millionth download on iOS devices.  In the update fans can expect two new categories – Famous People and Holiday Season – along with streamlining of certain areas and the ability to […]


The Drowning for iPad Exclusive Screenshots

We love to bring exclusive screenshots to our readers here on the “Gaming on” sites and our readers have responded quite well to them so we will continue doing it, rather than running the same old pr supplied pics of upcoming games.  The Drowning is a new take on the First Person Shooter genre, well, […]


AquaDude Brings Running Games Under the Sea on iOS

Side scrolling running games are plentiful on the iOS platform, it takes something unique and interesting to hold any new players interest. AquaDude, by Vortex Gaming, eliminates the pitfalls other running games fall into, namely, taking the action off the land and allowing the player to travel the full height of the screen.


Deepworld the Massively Multiplayer Crafting Online Game Delayed for iPad

Deepworld, an online massively multiplayer crafting game for the Apple iPad is being delayed to December 6th.  If you are not familiar with Deepworld, it is a lot like Terraria on PC, 2D side scrolling adventure with tons of areas to explore.  Along the way, players will craft much needed items out of materials found […]


Abduct Cows in Upcoming iOS Puzzler, Cowbeam

We have seen games about aliens abducting humans (Destroy All Humans), we have defended Earth against aliens (Space Invaders and a few thousand other titles) and now we can play a game about abducting cows. Yes, cows. It is going to be an uphill battle for Digital Dreams, a independent Dutch studio, but judging by […]

devil hunter google android market physics angry birds halloween (2)

Devil Hunter Review- JXD S601 Android

Physics based puzzle games are nothing new we have had Angry Birds sequels and clones/rip offs available for years now.  Devil Hunter has taken the physics puzzle genre and slaps a horror themed coat of paint on it.  To sum up Devil Hunter’s gameplay gamers need to think of a cross between Angry Birds (physics) […]

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