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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Quite Simply Awesome

Calm, colorful, cheery, charming, and relaxing are a few words to describe Animal Crossing (AC). The brainchild of Katsuya Eguchi from Nintendo, Animal Crossing seeks to encapsulate the feelings of communicating, sharing, and being close to friends and family. A

Survive! Mola Mola Headlines the Internet’s Most Controversial Fish

Fish are great, they swim, splash, jump, flop, and in some cases get used by seals as Frisbees. It’s not wonder humans love to keep them as pets in tiny aquatic cages thereby stunting their growth and driving them to the brink of

Granblue Fantasy Brings the Final Fantasy Pedigree to Mobile with a Side-effect of Gambling Addiction

Adventures, heroes, a mysterious waif, and the evil empire all await for you in Granblue Fantasy. Releasing as a browser based Role Playing Game  during the year 2014 Granblue Fantasy (GF) continues to be a hit in its home country of Japan. 

Egglia: Legend of the Red Cap is Secret of Mana Meets Town Building

In a world that is torn apart by the forces of evil! You have one of two choices! Will your fight to survive and unite the world once more, or will you perish at the hands of those same enemies?

Tales of the Rays is the Epic Tales in the Size of your Pocket!

Namco will forever be associated in our hearts by Pac-Man a yellow boot wearing hero who eats pills in a labyrinth all day long. But, Namco actually has more than just one famous name under it’s belt and more specifically

Moe! Ninja Girls Corny Anime Girls Abound!

Ninja girls, ninja boys, token gaijin, and plenty of hijinks are abreast in this titillating visual novel by the NTT Solmare Corporation! But, busty ninjas aren’t the only thing that awaits you in Moe! Ninja Girls as plenty of jokes

Fallout Shelter V.12 Still no Panther Sightings

Fallout Shelter is an officially licensed portable game for iOS and Android. Releasing all the way back in the year 2015, Fallout Shelter has had two prosperous years of updates. Indeed, players everywhere can become their own overseers for a

Magikarp Jump Continues to Make a Splash

Magikarp Jump is one of those mobile titles that make people look in disbelief. A game where the objective is to teach Magikarps to be the best like no one ever was… to jump other magikarps is the real test