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Freebie Friday iOS Games for December 27th, 2013

Everyone loves free games and thanks to the way Apple has set up their App Store, we can bring you this list of cool games that are free for a temporary time. Check out the games below and grab your favorites while they are free.


iOS Saturday Sales for December 14th, 2013

We have a rather large, varied, list of titles that are on sale for a limited time gathered in this article. Tower defense, RPG’s, shooters, etc all make the list this week. Read on for more details and some games that you probably can’t live without.

angry birds go rovio kart racing mario sonic track google play android iphone ipad apple (2)

Freebie Friday iOS Games for December 13th, 2013

Another Friday, another list of iOS games that are currently free for a limited time. Grab some pretty cool games for nothing more than opening iTunes and clicking download. Android users, we would do a similar article for your platform if Google would allow publishers to lower their prices to free for limited times. We […]

plants vs zombies 2 google play android jxd s7300 (2)

Plants vs Zombies 2 Receives Massive Update, Changes Most of the Game

While we have reviewed both the iOS and Android versions of Plants vs Zombies 2, that was the version prior to this update. Why are we doing a news item on an update? Because this update changes quite a bit of the game, almost creating a brand new game while removing a lot of the […]


Freebie Friday iOS Games for November 29th, 2013

Everyone loves getting games for free, especially legal games, which is a good reason to continue these articles that kick off the weekend right. Below is a listof free games on iOS, how long the sales are for is unknown so grab those you are interested in ASAP.

lego lord of the rings itunes ios iphone ipad frodo warner bros (2)

Lego Lord of the Rings Hits iOS

The Lord of the Rings franchise is popular to say the least, and now it has been partnered with the Lega brand. Just hitting the iOS platform, Lego Lord of the Rings does what TT Games have done with previous titles, created an interesting licensed game.

dracula twins ios itunes ipad iphone platform 2d (2)

New Game: Dracula Twins Set to Suck Blood on iOS

In an earlier news announcement it was mentioned that 2D side scrolling action platforming games were quite rare, um, here is another. While two in one day is rare, the genre as a whole is rarer these days, especially on iOS and Android where developers have a severe “3DO-osity effect” going on- they aren’t making […]

lunata rescue ios itunes iphone ipad platform 2d (2)

New Game: Lunata Rescue Jumps onto iOS

Platform games are hard to create, at least good ones, that is probably why here lately, gamers have not had a lot to choose from. Most publishers/developers are find with creating endless running affairs that are simply cash runs thanks to the In App Purchase models chosen. That is why Lunata Rescue looks so appealing, […]

he-man powerful cartoon 80's ios itunes apple action grayskull skeletor she-ra (1)

iOS Sale: Freebie Friday

The iOS platform is one of the most prolific libraries of gaming in history.  Games run the gamut of retro to modern shooters to peeing games.  Below are a set of free games that we culled for our first Freebie Friday list.  Enjoy these titles while they are free and before they go back up […]

love and dragons hidden object ipad game insight puzzle  (2)

New Game: Love and Dragons Launches onto iPad

Hidden object titles are quite popular on the iPad, as everyone knows a 10 inch tablet that is very much suited for these games. Love and Dragons is developed by Game Insight, known for their previous titles, Mystery Manor and Mirrors of Albion.

wizardous an apprentices betrayal kindle fire  nook android ios (2)

New Game Release: Wizardous: An Apprentice’s Betrayal

Retro styled games in the mobile world are a dime a dozen, or more, but the interesting ones are rarer. Wizardous: An Apprentice’s Betrayal may be entering a crowded market, it appears to be interesting at least, something many other titles in this genre fail to accomplish. Graphically, reminiscent of Salomon’s Key on the Nintendo […]

darkness commodore 64 ios iphone ipad google play jxd s7300 s7800 retro adventure (2)

Darkness, Retro Styled Adventure Now on iOS and Android (Commodore 64 Coming Soon)

Retro styled action adventure titles are all the rage with developers lately, and we don’t see anything wrong with that honestly. As long as they are good titles, bring them on. Darkness is one of the latest pixelated adventures to hit the iOS and Google Play stores, originally a Commodore 64 title to be released […]

dragon vs goblins 3D ios angry birds iphone ipod touch ipad (2)

Dragon vs Goblins 3D, 3D Physics Based Destruction, Now Available on iOS

It is an understatement to say that Angry Birds is a hit but there is one area that those little feathery creatures have not traversed 3D. While there are a few 3D physics based destruction games, they have mostly been rather basic in the graphics department.

he-man powerful game android jxd s7300 s601 s602 s5110 ios itunes iphone (7)

Review- He-Man The Most Powerful Game on Android (16-Bit Games Aren’t Dead Yet)

He-Man, the 80′s cartoon that was originally supposed to be an animated Conan show but was changed towards the end of the creation process.  While this license has seen some games in the early 80′s on systems such as the Atari and Intellivision, it didn’t reappear till the Game Boy Advance overhead action game based […]

Bonds of the Skies android ios itunes jxd s7300 s601 iphone kemco rpg (3)

Bonds of the Skies Released by Kemco on iOS and Android

Kemco are continuing their role playing game releases, this time with one for iOS and Android called Bonds of the Skies.  Bonds’ story covers the supernatural with a powerful demon attacking our hero’s town forcing him to take action.  The Air God, Nogard, joins our hero in finding out what happened, who caused it and […]

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