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Block Legend on Android Review

Block Legend

Puzzle games don’t usually have a lot of longevity outside of the actual gameplay. With Block Legend, the block destroying is not the whole game since there are a ton of characters to collect, levels to unlock and bosses to

Reality Reflection Successfully Raises $5million Through ICO Pre-Sale

Due to the complexity of the content, we are presenting this press release as is as it was provided by the company. This is a rather interesting development that will impact future games, not just those on Android and iOS.

New Mobile Games Just Released, January 24th 2018

Scooby Doo

Mobile gaming is only picking up as we move forward. While early on, mobile games were kind of crappy, they certainly have come a long way in the last half a decade. While we still see our fair share of

Dead 2048 Android Game Review

Dead 2048

What can I say about the game 2048 that will make you download and play Dead 2048? Not much actually. The game is not your basic 2048 game as there is a rather interesting tower defense mode include at no

Jumanji The Mobile Game Review

Jumanji The Mobile Game

Movie tie-in games are usually in one of two camps. They either suck or they are great. There is no real middle ground with licensed games in general, especially movie tie-ins. Now, Jumanji The Mobile Game could have easily been

Super Mario Run Review

Super Mario Run

Android owners have often complained that they don’t get the “big name” releases like iPhone does. Well, while that is often true, the truer statement is that iPhone gets those big-name releases first. Super Mario Run is no exception. iPhone

Could Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild be Coming to Android?

Zelda Breath of the Wild

It is no secret that Nintendo is working on a Legend of Zelda game for mobile platforms. The question is, which Zelda game is it going to be or is it going to be an all new adventure? Breath of

Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat Pre-Registration is Now Available

Devil May Cry

Capcom knows how to make a hack and slash action game. They took over the genre early on with Final Fight, then swiftly handed it over to Sega and others with subsequent sequels. Regardless, Capcom have released some of the

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Quite Simply Awesome

Calm, colorful, cheery, charming, and relaxing are a few words to describe Animal Crossing (AC). The brainchild of Katsuya Eguchi from Nintendo, Animal Crossing seeks to encapsulate the feelings of communicating, sharing, and being close to friends and family. A

Plumber Crack Review, Say No to Crack

Plumber Crack

How do you review a game where the whole point is to throw objects at the butt crack of another person? For me, it was hard to stop playing for one. The object of Plumber Crack is not much different