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Flappy Bird is Gone, Long Live the Clones

Flappy Bird has been quite a sensation, regardless of being over a year old, in the last few weeks. The developer/publisher, Dong who is a resident of Vietnam, has pulled the game from Google Play and iTunes. Dong cited various personal reasons pertaining to becoming a celebrity and specifically said his actions were not related […]

pitfall krave

New Game: Pitfall Krave Brings Deadly Cereal Chasing Fun to Android (Limited Release)

Advertising and gaming have been working together since the early days- remember Chase the Chuckwagon on the Atari 2600? Yo Noid! on the Nintendo Entertainment system or Cool Spot on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis are a couple more examples. This is nothing new. Now, Activision are getting into the cross promotion fun with Pitfall […]


New Game: Croco Slam Now Available on Android

Sports games are usually kept clean and dry, straight simulations of the activity they are trying to emulate. That is why it is fun to see a new title that takes liberties within the idea of a sports title, such as Croco Slam and baseball.

eternity warriors 3

New Game: Eternity Warriors 3 by Glu Mobile Arrives on Android

Whether you like the “pay to play” model or not, it is here to stay. Companies like Glu Moblie are showing strong support for this style of game, surely because gamers are spending more money a little here and there over time. Eternity Warriors 3 is finally here and it definitely supports the “pay to […]


Microids, Publisher of Syberia, Celebrates Android Release

While Syberia 3 is coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 soon, the Android version of the original is celebrating high ranking in the “Brain” category on Google Play. Currently in the Top 5 new paid games, Syberia is holding firm with fans who have not forgotten this classic adventure title.

Iron_Man_3_boss_fight ios

Licensed Endless Running Games Worth Playing Round One

These titles are all licenses that certainly don’t scream “endless running” when you hear their names. We have kids shows, classic game characters and a lasagna loving cat from the funny pages all represented on this list. That is the point of this list though, variety and to give our readers an idea of the […]


Saturday Android Sales for December 14th, 2013

We all survived Friday the 13th so why not celebrate with some great games at great prices?  Some titles are returning sales champions while many others are first timers on our list of sales.  No matter what, there is probably at least one good game worth your money on this list just waiting to be […]


Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Now Available at Select Retailers

The Mad Catz M.O.J.O. is just one of the latest in a long line of Android powered consoles to hit the market. Don’t like the specs? Give it a month or two, another system will be available with something different hardware wise. At least Mad Catz didn’t limit this console like the Ouya is.


JXD S7800B Now Available For Purchase Through Willgoo

The bad boy of portable Android gaming tablets, the JXD S7800B, is now available for purchase through Willgoo.  This is a monster of a hand held system packing a 1.8 ghz quad core CPU, 2 gigs of RAM, 8 gigs of built in memory (thanks to memory swapping plugins this can be expanded) and a […]

dark avenger itunes android google play

Dark Avenger Receives Fourth Unique Hero Class

Gamevil have updated their popular Massively Multiplayer Hack and Slash title, Dark Avenger, with a new character class for gamers to enjoy. The Sorceress class is now available for players that wish to use more spells in their hack and slash gaming.

wraithborne google play jxd s7300 yinlips diablo hack (3)

New Game: Wraithborne Slashes onto Google Play, Once an Ouya Exclusive

Hack and slash games are not as prolific on Android as you would think, even though their gameplay by nature fits quite well with touch screens. The ones that are available are quite good such as Soulcraft and Samurai II: Vengeance. Alpha Dog Games is looking to get Wraithborne included in that extremely short list […]

wheres my water 2 android windows phone itunes apple lumia google play iphone (1)

Review: Where’s My Water 2 on Windows Phone 8

The first Where’s My Water game was well received here at Gaming on Batteries, scoring a mid range 80′s in our review over a year ago.  The second title is just what a sequel should be, more of the same that hooked players, with a dash of new to keep fans interested and coming back […]

darkness commodore 64 ios iphone ipad google play jxd s7300 s7800 retro adventure (2)

Darkness, Retro Styled Adventure Now on iOS and Android (Commodore 64 Coming Soon)

Retro styled action adventure titles are all the rage with developers lately, and we don’t see anything wrong with that honestly. As long as they are good titles, bring them on. Darkness is one of the latest pixelated adventures to hit the iOS and Google Play stores, originally a Commodore 64 title to be released […]

contra evolution punchbox android jxd s7300 s7800 konami nes nintendo (1)

Review: Contra Evolution on Android Using the JXD S7300

Contra is one of those titles that helped cement Nintendo in the psyches of many gamers of that period. Gamers knew about Contra whether they had a Nintendo Entertainment System or not. The majority of those probably played it thanks to having a friend that owned the system and game or Nintendo’s genius level at […]


Why PC Gamer’s Should Show Android Gaming Tablets Some Love.

Hello again friends! I hope to be enlightening you today to one of the beautiful aspects of being an Nvidia Shield/Gaming Tablet owner. Today I will tell you about the benefits of owning both a PC and an Nvidia Shield/Gaming Tablet. First the Nvidia Shield/Gaming Tablet not only enhances your PC gaming and social life […]

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