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Nightmare Boy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nightmare Boy Nintendo Switch

Fans of Metroidvania style games will want to check out Nightmare Boy as it is now Nintendo Switch bound. Nightmare Boy is a Spanish-made action adventure title that will feature sprawling levels and monsters around every corner. The file size

Review: The Mummy Demastered for Nintendo Switch

Movie tie-in games have a long and not so illustrious history. Developer WayForward also has a history of movie tie-in games, but also a history of great retro-inspired games. Universal’s The Mummy reboot did not take off at the movie

Life on Mars Remake Released on Android, Take the MSX2 Game on the Go

Life on Mars Remake Android

Life on Mars started as an MSX2 title that was recently remade for PC’s (covered on our sister site, Retro Gaming Magazine). For those that don’t know, Life on Mars takes the sub genre known as “Metroidvania” and infuses it