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he-man powerful game android jxd s7300 s601 s602 s5110 ios itunes iphone (7)

Review- He-Man The Most Powerful Game on Android (16-Bit Games Aren’t Dead Yet)

He-Man, the 80′s cartoon that was originally supposed to be an animated Conan show but was changed towards the end of the creation process.  While this license has seen some games in the early 80′s on systems such as the Atari and Intellivision, it didn’t reappear till the Game Boy Advance overhead action game based […]

bigfoot hidden giant

Celebrate Independence Day By Searching for Bigfoot

G5 Entertainment are celebrating independence day by giving away one of their more popular hidden object games, Bigfoot: Hidden Giant. There is no need to go any farther if you are a hidden object fan other than to the bottom of this news post for the links to your favorite platform.

cosmic clean-up ripstone ios iphone ipad ipod touch nasa aliens (1)

Clean Up Space With Ripstones Cosmic Clean-Up on iOS

Space is quickly filling up with junk, maybe not a problem now but just wait another 50 to 100 years and it will be more dangerous than traversing the morning rush hour traffic. According to Nasa, there are over 100 million pieces of space junk floating in Earth orbit right now that are 1 centimeter […]

fairway solitaire

Review: Fairway Solitaire on Windows Phone 8

Genre mixing has quickly become the norm on mobile devices.  We had this happen with Puzzle Quest and it’s mix of Role Playing Game and Bejeweled puzzle elements.  Here, Big Fish Games have mixed solitaire and the game of golf.  Yes, cards and a game that is pretty much 100% outside and takes years to […]

sonic sal

Sonic Game Sale Celebrating 22nd Anniversary (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store Links)

Sega is on top of the Sonic birthday celebrations this year, their little blue wonder is turning 22.  Things that Sonic can now do legally include drink, but not drive (or in his case, speed).  He can visit adult establishments (such as bars) and well, Sonic is still cool even though he is no longer […]

combo crew android ios fight final streets of rage game bakers (2)

Review: Combo Crew on Android (FINALly FIGHTing Done Right on Mobile)

When I wrote about Combo Crew before, I was quite unsure about how well The Game Bakers could pull off the idea of an all touch fighting game.  After playing it though, all concerns have been alleviated and a great game has been revealed.  Basically, Combo Crew is a single screen fighting game in the […]

modern combat 5 ios itunes gameloft fps android google play apple shooter soldiers (7)

Screens: Modern Combat 5 For Android and iOS

We don’t usually cover First Person Shooter titles here at Gaming on Batteries but we figured it was time to test the waters a bit in that genre. What better title to test the waters with than Modern Combat 5? Check the screens below for an idea of how action packed this game is going […]

sonic 4 episode 1 windows phone 8

Windows Phone 8 Has The Hits

It is no secret that Windows Phone 8 has a smaller app market than either iOS or Android but it is apparently a secret just what hits are available.  That is why we are doing this special report for new Windows Phone 8 owners that are looking for games for their new pocket power house […]

double dragon 3 in app purchase arcade fighting coin pay buy rip off (6)

The Birth of Micro Transactions Revealed (It Is Much Older Than Expected)

Many people bemoan the micro transaction model that has been accepted by many game publishers with the advent of mobile gaming devices such as the iPhone and Android phones and tablets.  There are many arguments about why publishers like this business model so much, one of the most prolific being anti-piracy steps – what is […]

Globulous firestarter games nintendo 64 tetris tetrisphere android jxd s7300 itunes iphone ipad (5)

Review: Globulous on the JXD S7300 Android Tablet (Tetrisphere Tribute)

Tetris, the game that probably is the biggest reason, at least entertainment wise, for the Soviet Union to be kept running as long as it was able to (Alexey Pajitnov, creator of Tetris, was not the recipient of the royalties earned from the phenomenal sales- the Soviet government was).  No matter though as a few […]

Dungeon Hunter 4 Gameloft Android Google Play iTunes iPhone iPod iPad JXD S7300 RPG Action (5)

Review: Dungeon Hunter 4 on JXD S7300 Android Tablet

Gameloft is catching quite a bit of flack over the in app purchases situation but honestly, it is not going anywhere anytime soon and it does allow pretty cool games like this to be accessible for more players that are either broke or are simply cheap.  What gamers get with Dungeon Hunter 4 is a […]

symphony of origin

iOS Sales Focus: Role Playing Games

The recent coverage of an upcoming indie role playing game, Temple of the Sun and Moon (with interview), got me to thinking that it would be cool to offer up some other role playing games that are on sale right now for iOS (working on something for Android but large scale sales there are hard […]

word head ios itunes iphone ipad mini puzzle search 3d dictionary (3)

Word Head on iOS Receives Several Updates- More Stable, Better Sound Controls and Dictionary Editing, Oh My

Word games are extremely popular with our readers, from Spellwood to Writer Rumble to Word Soup (which was recently posted and is holding the top traffic spot).  That is cool with us since it gives us reason to focus on more titles in this genre such as Word Head on iOS, which just received a nice […]

star wars pinball itunes iphone ipad boba fett clone wars empire strikes back (4)

Star Wars Pinball Available Now on the iTunes App Store

Pinball games are nothing new they have been around since the early days of gaming with the likes of Midnight Magic on the Atari 2600 and the more popular Pinbot on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Pinball is one genre that has flourished quite a bit on touch screen devices like the iPhone and iPad and […]

le vamp ios itunes iphone ipad endless runner high voltage software (5)

New Endless Runner, Le Vamp, Bites Into the iTunes App Store

Endless running games are a genre that is not going to go away anytime soon, certainly not 2D ones, which started this genre off awhile back.  High Voltage Software have thrown their hat onto the path with Le Vamp, not just another endless runner though, but something slightly different.  Maybe different enough to warrant a […]

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