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The Alchemist Code Review

The Alchemist Code

Ever since I first played Gemfire by Koei on the Nintendo SNES, I have been hooked on turn based strategy role playing games. This is a category that I feel mobile platforms are severely lacking in as well. The Alchemist

Stormblades Review, Boss Rush Mode Enabled for Free

Stormblades Android Review

This is a tough game to review, much like Beast Quest was for me, because it is tough to put down. Kiloo, the publisher of Stormblades, has a hit on their hands. Personally, I love it and will tell you

New Puzzle Fighter Coming to Android, New Art and New Content

Puzzle Fighter Android Capcom

Capcom has a love hate relationship with Android. While some Capcom stuff comes out on Android, not a lot of the good stuff makes it. No Street Fighter games. No Mega Man. No Strider. No Monster Hunter. For the most

NVIDIA Shield 2 Portable, Unreleased to Public, Found in Pawn Shop

NVIDIA Shield 2 Development Unit

If you are a mobile gamer then the NVIDIA Shield is probably the ultimate piece of hardware to play on. Released in 2013 we saw the Shield take off and become quite popular, despite the prohibitive cost of entry. A

Why portable gaming?

I was the prototypical console gamer. It all started in 1983 with the Atari 5200 and continues to this day with the PlayStation 4. Nothing against computer gamers, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Probably because I associated the