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Turbo Racing League on Windows Phone 8 Using the Lumia 521

Based on the hit animated Dreamworks movie, Turbo, PikPok have brought Turbo Racing League to Windows Phone 8. Featuring nine different race tracks, special events such as time trial, limited fuel, slalom and more, Turbo Racing League will entertain fans of the movie and fas of racing games.

lego lord of the rings itunes ios iphone ipad frodo warner bros (2)

Lego Lord of the Rings Hits iOS

The Lord of the Rings franchise is popular to say the least, and now it has been partnered with the Lega brand. Just hitting the iOS platform, Lego Lord of the Rings does what TT Games have done with previous titles, created an interesting licensed game.

thor the dark world iphone google play android jxd (1)

New Game: Thor: The Dark World Now on Android and iOS

Hitting theaters in less than a week, Thor: The Dark World has already shown up on Android and iOS for gamers to enjoy prior to checking out the movie. Based on the movie but not a companion app, Thor is a full blown game using the Dungeon Hunter engine (why fix something that is not […]

superman krypton ipad iphone ipod touch apple warner bros dc comics android google (5)

Screens: Superman Man of Steel on iOS and Android

Superman is not a name that is synonymous with quality games – quick, name one.  The only one that I can think of is the one produced for IBM/Commodore 64 by Subway Software in the 90′s (design work headed by our departed good buddy, Bill Kunkel).  With the reboot of the property in movies (coming […]


Don’t Die Hard When You Can Enjoy These Movie Games Instead

Die Hard, a rather questionable in quality movie licensed/tie-in game, hit Google Play and iTunes recently and well, it is not being received that well by critics.  Basically the game is being rounded for various things such as in app purchases and lack of any real originality but personally, I don’t think the game was […]

the hobbit kingdoms google play itunes

Review: The Hobbit: Kingdoms by Kabam on the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

The Hobbit, the final “blockbuster” movie of 2012 is all the rage and here we are playing games based around the myths presented in the movie and the book it was based on.  Join Bilbo, Gandalf and the rest of the Get Along Gang as they go forth and try to defeat the great evil […]


Review: Rail Rush by Miniclip on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

3D running games are still going strong with many new entrants in the category every week or so.  Some are great (we try to cover those) and some aren’t (we ignore those) and then there are some that have slight problems holding them back from being great (like this one).  Rail Rush is interesting in […]

angry birds star wars google play itunes apple android zeepad

Review: Angry Birds Star Wars by Rovio on the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

In gaming it is customary to continue any series that is successful all the way to the point of being stupidly inane to the average gamer (how many versions of Street Fighter II has Capcom been peddling for the last 20 years that don’t advance the game at all?).  For some, Angry Birds has passed […]

judge dredd vs zombies (4)

Review- Judge Dredd vs Zombies on JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Here is what I know about Judge Dredd, there is a really popular UK based comic based on the character and there was a pretty successful movie starring Sylvester Stallone awhile back (and apparently like Total Recall, there is a reboot coming).  That is about it.  I don’t know the mythos behind the character or […]

justice league earth's final defense ios itunes app store netmarble iphone action rpg batman dc comics (1)

DC Comics May Finally Have a Good Justice League Game on iOS

DC Comics have a very wild hit or miss track record with gamers over the last 20 years or so, some hits (mostly Batman releases) and quite a few misses (some so bad they didn’t even make it to release). Perseverence is something developers have with this comic license though and it seems there is […]


Batman Dark Knight Rises Video Review by Classic L337

The Dark Knight Rises marks the end of the most recent trilogy of Batman movies that began with “Batman Begins” which has given fans a much much darker Batman (no room for Robin, folks).  Not only is Batman Dark Night Rises a finale, it also marks a rather quick turn around for a licensed game […]

truffula shuffula the lorax android jxd s601 (2)

Truffula Shuffula – The Lorax Review – JXD S601 Android

Licensed games are usually crap, especially movie licensed games, at least they were in the 8 to 16-bit days.  While still not the rule, good licensed titles are showing up more and more over the last 10 years.  The problem that many licensed titles face is that the developers/publishers try and make a new engine […]

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