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Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax Edition Nintendo Switch in Pictures

Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax Edition

Earlier this year I covered a bit of Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax Edition on the Nintendo Switch. Now I can confirm a few things about the combo release for Nintendo’s portable/home console. First, this is the only way to play Bayonetta

Game Boy Color Game Airaki Released

Airaki Game Boy

When it comes to the Game Boy the selection of independently developed and released titles is quite a mixed bag. Some games are simply stunning while others are, well, the Game Boy line was a great portable lineage wasn’t it?

Nintendo Switch Hacked, Emulators and PC Ports Already Running

Nintendo Switch

Well this didn’t take all that long. It seems that the Nintendo Switch has been hacked. What was this, a year or so? We already know about the emulator for the Nintendo Switch, now we see emulators ON the Nintendo

Sling Ming Coming to Nintendo Switch

Sling Ming Nintendo Switch

On rails puzzle games are an interesting idea. Your path through a level is pretty much set but you must figure out how to make it safely. Think of Sling Ming as Cut the Rope in reverse and there being

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Bound

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

SNK are known for their fighting games. Particularly the female battlers. Come on, you know it is true. How many reading this pumped quarters into SNK fighting games to see Mai Shiranui’s winning poses? Anyhow, SNK will be releasing SNK

Super Mario Land 2 DX Updates Original Nintendo Classic with Color

Super Mario Land 2

Nintendo knew how to market their Game Boy, they steam rolled over the competition left and right back in the day (on for a couple of decades). One franchise that kept Nintendo and their Game Boy alive and well, regardless

Sheep it Up Released for Nintendo Game Boy

Sheep it Up

New Game Boy games are not all that a common occurrence. Honestly, it is not something we see often. Sheep it Up is a brand-new Game Boy title that uses all brand-new components which makes it even more of a

Bloodstained Targets Nintendo Switch, Not Nintendo Wii U, Gameplay Video Embedded


While it is a sad day when a game is canceled, it is good to know that a new platform was added. This was all covered almost a year ago on sites such as IGN. Bloodstained was originally intended to

Wild Guns Reloaded Nintendo Switch Bound

Wild Guns Reloaded

Anyone that owned a Super Nintendo probably can tell you their favorite shooter game. Most will not pick Wild Guns though. Why? I am not sure but this game originally flew way under the radar and, at best, garnered a

What if Cuphead was Released on the Nintendo Game Boy?

Cuphead for Nintendo Game Boy

Demakes. They are fun to look at, even though most are just mockups. Some, like Halo 2600 were actually turned into real games, with the blessing of the IP holder (Microsoft in that case). What is great about demakes, at