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Microids, Publisher of Syberia, Celebrates Android Release

While Syberia 3 is coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 soon, the Android version of the original is celebrating high ranking in the “Brain” category on Google Play. Currently in the Top 5 new paid games, Syberia is holding firm with fans who have not forgotten this classic adventure title.


PC Streaming Why The Nvidia Shield Makes It Count!

Friends today we tackle together one of the main foundations that the Nvidia Shield was built upon. PC streaming great games! I will show you in this article not only why the Nvidia Shield excels at the task but, also how it does so and, a way to play your PC games away from home! […]


Android And HandHelds Why The Two Belong Together!

Hello yet again friends! I know this title is causing a little confusion but fear not Handheld Lover is here to hopefully free your mind of any worries and set the mood for countless hours of intense gaming and multimedia fun. First and most important is to understand that Android is a very good thing […]

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Screens: Superman Man of Steel on iOS and Android

Superman is not a name that is synonymous with quality games – quick, name one.  The only one that I can think of is the one produced for IBM/Commodore 64 by Subway Software in the 90′s (design work headed by our departed good buddy, Bill Kunkel).  With the reboot of the property in movies (coming […]


Review: Dungelot From Red Winter Software on the JXD S601 Android Device

Let me preface this review by saying, Dungelot is THE Roguelike game for people that hate Roguelike games.  There, I said it, now that that little fact is out of the way, I can get on with explaining why that is.  Forget just about everything you hate about Rogue and the genre in general because […]

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Interview with Realore, Makers of Roads of Rome 2

Furthering our work to feature independent developers/publishers, we are proud to release our interview with Realore, who created the Roads of Rome series of games (RoR2 was reviewed here).  Judging by the number of people reading that review, our fans are just as interested in this game series as we are in bringing more coverage […]

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Review – Roads of Rome 2 HD on iOS (The Emperor is Ill)

Roads of Rome II does a lot of things right as far gameplay, touch controls, and graphics.  If you can get past a few shortcomings this game is immensely fun.  RoR2 takes the resource collection aspect of the more commonplace RTS genre and ands certain puzzle elements.

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Max Payne Mobile Review – JXD S601 Android Portable

Originally, this was intended to be in the second issue of Gaming on Batteries Magazine, no we aren’t delaying the mag or anything similar, it was just decided that we wouldn’t have room for this review in the next issue.  Rather than delay the review to the third or fourth issue, we decided to go […]

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End It All Review – JXD S601 Android

Every game genre has it’s dark side- side scrollers and brawlers had Splatterhouse back in the day, adventure titles have many examples from The 7th Guest to recent releases such as Corrosion on PC.  Shooters even got in on the scrolling shooters even got in on the action with Abadox on the NES and fighting […]

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Words With Friends Review- JXD S601 Android

Word games have usually be relegated to “educational” or “edutainment” status over the years, a category that has never been in the spotlight like other more popular genres such as Action-Adventure or Role Playing Games.  Word games were never known for being big sellers, no matter the platform they were on.

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