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Games Every Nvidia Shield Owner Should Try!

Greetings fellow gamers! I’m going to give not only a list of games that I own and play often but, I will also list what about each game will hopefully appeal to you. Also the numbered order of the games has nothing to do with their being better or worse than one another! This list […]


PlayStation Vita + PlayStation Vita TV + PlayStation 4 Still Are Not = To The Gaming Android Gaming Tablets Offer!

Hello friends! I have got a wonderful world of rich gaming to introduce you to and show you why it outclasses anything that Sony’s consoles/handhelds have to offer! First things first lets go by complete cost. I’ll start by using the newly announced PlayStation Vita TV at 100$ which seems like a very good deal. […]


Emulators And The Nvidia Shield Harmony in Gaming!

Welcome back friends! I hope today to not only to scratch your itch for retro gaming but, to also show you why the Nvidia Shield is one of the perfect platforms to scratch that itch. I will be listing which emulators work with the Nvidia Shield and what Frame Per Second speeds most games run […]


A Brief History of Hand Held Gaming and Why Microsoft Xbox Needs to Be Involved

Many have tried to dethrone the mighty Nintendo from their pedistal built around hand held gaming. Those same companies have failed, some damn near into bankruptcy over their failed hand helds. It takes clout, it takes deep pockets and exclusive titles to even make a dent in the armor that the Game Boy built.


Yinlips YDPG27 Now Available, 7″ Tablet With Physical Controls

Willgoo, our great partners here at Gaming on Batteries, have just announced that they have the Yinlips YDPG27 in stock and ready for shipping.  Check out the specs below on this 7 inch tablet.

angry birds star wars google play itunes apple android zeepad

Review: Angry Birds Star Wars by Rovio on the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

In gaming it is customary to continue any series that is successful all the way to the point of being stupidly inane to the average gamer (how many versions of Street Fighter II has Capcom been peddling for the last 20 years that don’t advance the game at all?).  For some, Angry Birds has passed […]

tehra_PSP (3)

Review: Tehra: The Dark Warrior Playstation Minis

Tehra: The Dark Warrior is a “sweet” game to me, one of those that I simply enjoy, even well after having “reviewed” it earlier this year on iOS. This is a review of the PSP Minis version, which, honestly, I feel is WORLDS better. Why? Actual controller buttons, also being able to view the action […]

cave_story_PSP (10)

Bandit Gaming: Cave Story for PSP

When I first started playing Cave Story on PSP, I didn’t “get it”, I thought it was rediculous- pushing DOWN to enter doors, really? Then after I got over my problems with a few design choices like that, I became the recipient of what I have come to call my latest digital addiction. Playing into […]


PSP Horror Titles Feature- Manhunt 2

Continuing the horror titles on PSP from the third issue of Gaming on Batteries Magazine, we have Manhunt 2 – Otherwise known as that murder simulator from Rockstar by more squeamish media types, the second game in this series doesn’t try to scare you with hordes of rampaging zombies or blood-thirsty vampires.  It just puts […]


PSP Horror Titles Feature- Dead Head Fred

Continuing the horror titles on PSP from the third issue of Gaming on Batteries Magazine, we have Dead Head Fred –  It’s often said that game designers must have a screw loose somewhere, but nowhere in the portable gaming scene is this more accurate than this utterly unique tale of a hard-boiled detective who gets killed […]


Preview- Indestructible by Glu Mobile on the Zeepad 7″ Android Tablet

I am a huge fan of Twisted Metal, I came into knowing about the game series from reading Gamefan Magazine and finally took the plunge when I saw that the local Electronics Boutique had Twisted Metal 2 in stock and a used PSOne on sale.  The closest that portables have gotten to having a legitimate […]

persona 4 header

Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition Coming to PS Vita

Atlus is releasing Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition on Vita this fall. Golden is the redux version of the original that released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2008. The Premium Edition will come with a carrying case, hard screen cover, protective skin, stickers, and quite possibly one of the longest names given […]


Wikipad, The Tablet You Don’t Know About But Will Want. Badly.

New Android devices get announced, seemingly, every day or two and today is no exception as we are covering the Wikipad- sure it is not out but we are just so interested in this thing that it needs to be covered more. What is so special about this new tablet now, besides the detachable controller? […]


Preview: Rayman Origins by Ubisoft on PS Vita

Dustin Vogler, contributing scribe with Gaming on Batteries Magazine, puts Ubisoft’s latest 2D outing through the bounces and jumps and details his thoughts on it’s quality, standing in the long running series and if you should buy it.  Rayman Origins is a 2D sidescrolling run and jump action adventure title that returns to gaming roots […]

zelda oot title

Preview: Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D on Nintendo 3DS

There are few franchises that hold as striking a personal relation to their fans as the Zelda franchise.  The story is always magical and set in amazing worlds that allow gamers to escape to something different and unique each time.  Carl Burton, one of our resident UK scribes, sits down with the 3D remake of […]

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