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spellcreepers prelude neobird iphone ipod ipad google play android (1)

Spellcreepers: Prelude Released on iTunes and Google Play

It is no secret that I am a fan of “Battle Bejeweled” type games such as Puzzle Quest. That is why, when I saw Spellcreepers: Prelude I knew it was a title that I had to write a news post about and help promote to our readers.

jazan wild carnival comics preview

Solve the Riddle of the Skull in Carnival of Souls Zero

We have developed quite a close relationship with Jazan Wild and his work, Carnival of Souls, over the last year or so and boy has it been a wild ride.  We have been given a chance to cover the upcoming Carnival of Souls Issue Zero here for our readers.  One that I jumped at when […]

enchanted kingdom elisas adventure

Herocraft Releases The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure on iOS

We covered this title on Android awhile back, and now we are covering the iOS versoin. How is that for a switch? Android players got the game first. Anyhow, Herorcaft have shown they are a quality game developer and publisher and Enchanted Kingdom just furthers that image.

temple of the sun and moon steve miller badass games android kickstarter (10)

Kickstarting First Person RPG’s with Temple of the Sun and Moon on Android

First person role playing games like Temple of the Sun and Moon are right up my alley for fun.  That is why I was excited when I was contacted by Steve Miller about his title and even more excited about the fact that it was coming to a platform that I enjoy gaming on, Android […]


Preview: Temple Run 2 from Imangi Studios on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Temple Run, the game that launched the 3D Running genre has just had its sequel hit Google Play a few days ago.  Fans have been clamoring to get it, waiting with baited breath (iOS fans got it a little while before Android).  The 3D running is still here, intact, but there have been some changes […]

carnivores ice age android google play tatem games (2)

Carnivores: Ice Age Now Available on Android

Hunting has never been a pastime that I thought would be good in electronic form but after trying out Carnivores: Ice Age on the Zeepad for a little bit, I am beginning to see how this could be quite interesting.  In Carnivores: Ice Age, players are tasked with hunting creatures long extinct or never have […]


Breakout Enters the 2.5D World With Magic Orbz by Herocraft on iOS

Herocraft are quickly becoming one of the premiere, to watch, publishers in the mobile field (other platforms too but we tend to focus on the battery powered stuff here).  Growing into something that is similar to Electronic Arts in the late 80′s, carefully picking quality titles and polishing them up and releasing them to the […]


Bejeweled in Tights, Spandex Force: Superhero U Released

It is pretty much a standard of sorts that all portable devices have at least one Bejeweled clone, iOS  and Android have hundreds (we have a couple getting the review treatment sooner than later).  For us here at Gaming on Batteries to cover it, a Bejeweled style game has to have something unique about it […]

letters from nowhere 2 g5 games google android (1 (3)

Preview – Letters From Nowhere 2 by G5 Games on the Zeepad 7 Inch Android Tablet

G5 Games is one of the publishers on Android that I was most excited about checking out when I got the Zeepad in the mail recently. I had bad luck with a couple of their titles on the S601 Android Hand Held and was quite bummed by the experience (resistive screen device owners still can’t […]

success story android ios time management g5 (1)

Preview: Success Story by G5 Games on the Zeepad 7 Inch Android Tablet

Okay, honesty time here, I have never worked at a fast food restaurant.  I have been to many of them, seen their kitchens, worked on various pieces of equipment they use but never worked with the food or for one.  Same thing for the State Fair, been to many but never worked with food at […]


Preview: Mario Tennis Open on Nintedo 3DS

Mario, the plumber that has yet to fix a single clogged pipe in his career, has done nearly every type of game genre available from Role Playing Games (Super Mario RPG on SNES) to racing (Mario Kart on just about every Nintendo platform since the SNES) and even sports like soccer, baseball and even tennis […]


Preview: The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure on Android

HeroCraft, indie studio rocking digital content, are dipping their toes into many genres with The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure including, but not limited to, hidden object, match 3 and even city building all in one game.  Take the role of Elisa and lead her to her rightful place on the throne.  The quest will not […]


Preview of Gaming on Batteries Android App Now Live

After the successful launch of Gaming on Batteries Magazine in print and digital formats, we were sitting around and thinking, what is next for us?  We are a portable gaming magazine at heart so we knew we needed to go that route in some form or another.  iOS is much more closed and harder to […]

sleepwalkers journey logo

Sleepwalker’s Journey Dreams of iOS and Android

Everyone sleeps. That is a fact. Not everyone dreams though, most people hardly ever really hit that good state of sleep that allows vivid dreams to come through. Even fewer people probably dream like Moonboy who goes on adventures when he sleeps.

sonic 4 episode 2 sega android google play s601 s5110 s5100 yinlips tails

Preview: Sonic 4 Episode 2 – JXD S601 Android

Sega continues their great support for hardware button enabled devices such as the JXD S601 Android Hand Held with the release of Sonic 4 Episode II.  Featuring Tails in this outing, and Metal Sonic for those that own the first episode, Episode II brings more of what gamers have been clamoring for.  2.5D graphics are […]

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