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eternity warriors 3

New Game: Eternity Warriors 3 by Glu Mobile Arrives on Android

Whether you like the “pay to play” model or not, it is here to stay. Companies like Glu Moblie are showing strong support for this style of game, surely because gamers are spending more money a little here and there over time. Eternity Warriors 3 is finally here and it definitely supports the “pay to […]

royal stone game gear fan translation

Royal Stone, Sega Game Gear Title, Translated into English

Over on Retro Gaming Magazine, news has been broken that Aeon Genesis, fan translation team, has released Royal Stone, a Japanese exclusive Sega Game Gear title.  Now fully playable in English, Royal Stone can be enjoyed by more gamers.

steel illusion chronicle

Kemco Release New Android RPG- Chrome Wolf

Kemco are not scared to support role playing fans as their game catalog attests. This dedication to the RPG genre continues with Chrome Wolf for Android devices. Chrome Wolf carries more of a sci-fi edge versus their regular fantasy offerings.


Freebie Friday iOS Games for November 29th, 2013

Everyone loves getting games for free, especially legal games, which is a good reason to continue these articles that kick off the weekend right. Below is a listof free games on iOS, how long the sales are for is unknown so grab those you are interested in ASAP.

running quest itunes iphone endless rpg (1)

Interview: Sterling Selover of Selosoft, Publisher of Running Quest

Yesterday, we covered a new game coming to iOS in 2014, Running Quest.  Today, we are releasing an interview we did with the developer/publisher/owner of Selosoft, Sterling Selover.  For those that don’t know, Running Quest is a new take on endless running games, one with more action, character development and upgrading.  Running Quest is not […]

thor the dark world iphone google play android jxd (1)

New Game: Thor: The Dark World Now on Android and iOS

Hitting theaters in less than a week, Thor: The Dark World has already shown up on Android and iOS for gamers to enjoy prior to checking out the movie. Based on the movie but not a companion app, Thor is a full blown game using the Dungeon Hunter engine (why fix something that is not […]

running quest itunes iphone endless rpg (1)

Endless Running Meets Role Playing Game in Running Quest

Endless running games are becoming more of an annoyance than being cool or fun. To enter this genre, a game has to offer something unique to gamers to spike their interest. Running Quest by Selosoft may be just what this genre needs.

wraithborne google play jxd s7300 yinlips diablo hack (3)

New Game: Wraithborne Slashes onto Google Play, Once an Ouya Exclusive

Hack and slash games are not as prolific on Android as you would think, even though their gameplay by nature fits quite well with touch screens. The ones that are available are quite good such as Soulcraft and Samurai II: Vengeance. Alpha Dog Games is looking to get Wraithborne included in that extremely short list […]

link of hearts google play android jxd s7300 s5110 s5100 s602 s601 kemco rpg (3)

Link of Hearts by Kemco Released onto Android Today

Kemco continue releasing quality role playing games on Android with Link of Hearts.  Here we have the story of a boy, a girl and an android (fitting considering the platform) that are tasked with saving the Earth from a major catastrophe. Following the instructions that Lily heard in a dream, her and her male neighbor, […]

Bonds of the Skies android ios itunes jxd s7300 s601 iphone kemco rpg (3)

Bonds of the Skies Released by Kemco on iOS and Android

Kemco are continuing their role playing game releases, this time with one for iOS and Android called Bonds of the Skies.  Bonds’ story covers the supernatural with a powerful demon attacking our hero’s town forcing him to take action.  The Air God, Nogard, joins our hero in finding out what happened, who caused it and […]

destiny fantasia kemco google play willgoo jxd s7300 (4)

Review: Destiny Fantasia on JXD S7300 Android Tablet

Kemco, the publisher from way back in the day is still around publishing on Android and iOS platforms.  They focus on localizing role playing games that we may not have gotten otherwise such as Destiny Fantasia.  The big question for English speaking gamers is, what type of role playing game is Destiny Fantasia and how […]


Review: Orion Nebula on Android (RPG Grinding Meets Overhead Space Shooter)

Ah, Orion Nebula, a game that was recommended to us by one of our readers in the comments on our Plasma Sky review, is finally getting the review treatment. First of all, Orion Nebula is HARD and requires a lot of replaying the first few levels that you can open over and over and over […]

kemco google play sale

Kemco Sale on Google Play (Up To 66% Off)

We are big fans of Kemco titles here at Gaming on Batteries, that is no real secret.  Their titles are great throwbacks to a simpler time when Role Playing Games didn’t have a ton of cut scenes that lasted longer than most feature films.  Back when the story was important, great controls meant something and there […]

deep dungons of doom itunes google play banner

Review – Deep Dungeons of Doom on Android

Role Playing Games (RPGs) and me go way back, so far back that they had no animation, dead enemies just flickered. If you have played and enjoyed titles like Sword of Fargoal or Alternate Reality: The City/Dungeon or just about anything on an old Apple IIe then you will recognize the “feel” of Deep Dungeons […]


Cross Hearts Arcadia Begins its Journey on iOS

Kemco are on a roll lately with new RPGs in the classic form. Recently having released Destiny Fantasia on Android and now iOS gets some classic love with Cross Hearts Arcadia.

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