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lunata rescue ios itunes iphone ipad platform 2d (2)

New Game: Lunata Rescue Jumps onto iOS

Platform games are hard to create, at least good ones, that is probably why here lately, gamers have not had a lot to choose from. Most publishers/developers are find with creating endless running affairs that are simply cash runs thanks to the In App Purchase models chosen. That is why Lunata Rescue looks so appealing, […]

contra evolution punchbox android jxd s7300 s7800 konami nes nintendo (1)

Review: Contra Evolution on Android Using the JXD S7300

Contra is one of those titles that helped cement Nintendo in the psyches of many gamers of that period. Gamers knew about Contra whether they had a Nintendo Entertainment System or not. The majority of those probably played it thanks to having a friend that owned the system and game or Nintendo’s genius level at […]

warcom gauntlet

Retro Themed iOS Titles on Sale

If you are a retro gamer at heart and own an iOS device, here is a list of games on sale right now, for a limited time, that you need to check out.  We have side scrolling action games, we have side scrolling and overhead shooters, action and adventure, it is all here.  Now get […]


5 8-Bit Retro Throwback Titles to Play on Your New JXD S7300 Android Tablet

Retro is all the rage right now with everyone throwing stuff up that used to be old from Pepsi doing the “throwback” thing with their two most popular soda lines to game companies really getting behind the act of releasing old games on new hardware (shame none are doing it for magazines yet).  Here are […]

sector strike android google clapfoot shooter

Review: Sector Strike by Clapfoot Inc on the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

Taking two different genres and mixing them together has been around for a long time, we have seen RPG’s mixed with Bejeweled, action titles and now we have another entry in the short list of side scrolling shooter RPG’s available.  Sector Strike brings 2.5D game play to Android gamers along with a fair bit of […]

johnny impossible ufo interactive nintendo 3ds eshop (2)

Johnny Impossible – 2D Side Scrolling Stealth Action with Hand Drawn Graphics Coming to Nintendo 3DS

2D side scrolling action/stealth titles are hard to come by nowadays.  Portable gamers have been able to enjoy several titles in this genre though, way back on the Game Boy Advance and the Splinter Cell games but nothing newer really has come along.  UFO Interactive see this hole in the gaming universe and are working […]


AquaDude Brings Running Games Under the Sea on iOS

Side scrolling running games are plentiful on the iOS platform, it takes something unique and interesting to hold any new players interest. AquaDude, by Vortex Gaming, eliminates the pitfalls other running games fall into, namely, taking the action off the land and allowing the player to travel the full height of the screen.


Deepworld the Massively Multiplayer Crafting Online Game Delayed for iPad

Deepworld, an online massively multiplayer crafting game for the Apple iPad is being delayed to December 6th.  If you are not familiar with Deepworld, it is a lot like Terraria on PC, 2D side scrolling adventure with tons of areas to explore.  Along the way, players will craft much needed items out of materials found […]

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