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Emulators And The Nvidia Shield Harmony in Gaming!

Welcome back friends! I hope today to not only to scratch your itch for retro gaming but, to also show you why the Nvidia Shield is one of the perfect platforms to scratch that itch. I will be listing which emulators work with the Nvidia Shield and what Frame Per Second speeds most games run […]


Review: Orion Nebula on Android (RPG Grinding Meets Overhead Space Shooter)

Ah, Orion Nebula, a game that was recommended to us by one of our readers in the comments on our Plasma Sky review, is finally getting the review treatment. First of all, Orion Nebula is HARD and requires a lot of replaying the first few levels that you can open over and over and over […]


Destiny Fantasia Slashes onto Google Play

Continuing their long line of releasing English versions of their Role Playing Games (RPGs), Kemco has just released Destiny Fantasia onto Google Play. Fans of Kemco games on Android/iOS know what to expect, this is decidedly in their comfort zone.

Plasma Sky google play overhead scrolling shooter jxd s7300 s601 s5100 s5300 jxd (7)

New Overhead Scrolling Shooter, Plasma Sky, Blasts Onto Google Play and iTunes

Overhead scrolling shooters, once a proud genre with their close cousing- the side scrolling shooter, is almost an endangered species of gaming. Sure, we get the occasional retro release from Capcom (how many times can fans be expected to buy yet another copy of any of the 194x series?), but fans want new original action. […]


Yinlips YDPG27 Now Available, 7″ Tablet With Physical Controls

Willgoo, our great partners here at Gaming on Batteries, have just announced that they have the Yinlips YDPG27 in stock and ready for shipping.  Check out the specs below on this 7 inch tablet.

absolute defense google itunes sidescroll shooter (6)

Review: Absolute Defense by Defcon Studio on the Zeepad 7 Inch ICS Tablet

Sidescrolling, hard as nails, shooters are almost as rare as their overhead counterparts (check out Rimblade for another retro title in this “revival” of sorts).  Initially, Absolute Defense was not expected to be much, there are a lot of scrolling shooters on Google Play that simply don’t “click” with me and are quickly uninstalled from […]

alphadia II

Alphadia II Looms From Kemco on Android

Kemco have become quite the Android RPG publisher as of late with RPG’s that very much resemble the heyday of 16-Bit goodness.  Take the latest title, Alphadia II, set 200 years after the events of the original game, bringing in tow great graphics that feel like they were drawn by the same artist that did […]

tehra_PSP (3)

Review: Tehra: The Dark Warrior Playstation Minis

Tehra: The Dark Warrior is a “sweet” game to me, one of those that I simply enjoy, even well after having “reviewed” it earlier this year on iOS. This is a review of the PSP Minis version, which, honestly, I feel is WORLDS better. Why? Actual controller buttons, also being able to view the action […]


Preview: Mario Tennis Open on Nintedo 3DS

Mario, the plumber that has yet to fix a single clogged pipe in his career, has done nearly every type of game genre available from Role Playing Games (Super Mario RPG on SNES) to racing (Mario Kart on just about every Nintendo platform since the SNES) and even sports like soccer, baseball and even tennis […]

plumber crack android title

Plumber Crack Review – JXD S601 Android

At one point in life or another, most of us have had the unfortunate chance to see someone’s butt crack as they bent over to do something whether it be a mechanic, repair man or at the grocery store, and yes the iconic plumber.  It sometimes boggles the mind at

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