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Flappy Bird is Gone, Long Live the Clones

Flappy Bird has been quite a sensation, regardless of being over a year old, in the last few weeks. The developer/publisher, Dong who is a resident of Vietnam, has pulled the game from Google Play and iTunes. Dong cited various personal reasons pertaining to becoming a celebrity and specifically said his actions were not related […]

great martian war android

New Game: The Great Martian War for Android (Another Endless Runner)

Endless runners, especially the 3D variety, have been popular and overtaking the Android, and iOS, market since the release of Temple Run. Unlike when Super Mario Bros hit, the me-toos and copycat endless running games are not innovating like the side scrolling action platforming genre did over the years. With that being said, another 3D […]

Iron_Man_3_boss_fight ios

Licensed Endless Running Games Worth Playing Round One

These titles are all licenses that certainly don’t scream “endless running” when you hear their names. We have kids shows, classic game characters and a lasagna loving cat from the funny pages all represented on this list. That is the point of this list though, variety and to give our readers an idea of the […]

voxel rush android google play jxd s7800 s7300 endless runner tron (1)

Voxel Rush Hits Android With 3D Minimalist Graphics

Endless running games are a dime a dozen on mobile, that is a sad fact. It is like companies hit on something that worked and now EVERYONE has to be in on it somehow, no matter what. New games in this genre have to have something different about them to make them stand out from […]

ragdoll run windows phone (2)

Review: Ragdoll Run on Windows Phone (Not Your Typical Endless Runner)

Endless running games are getting a little long in the tooth. Plain and simple. This could be said of any genre that has gained popularity with some gamers versus others (a category I am quickly joining). That is why I’ve waited so long to review Ragdoll Run on Windows Phone.


Preview: Pitfall! on Android As Endless Runner

Growing up, playing the Atari 2600 was a thing of joy, other than it we had to go outside if we wanted to play any type of “game”.  While I would wait for my father to get home from working at a sheet metal shop, I would pass the time after finishing homework by playing […]


Review: Rail Rush by Miniclip on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

3D running games are still going strong with many new entrants in the category every week or so.  Some are great (we try to cover those) and some aren’t (we ignore those) and then there are some that have slight problems holding them back from being great (like this one).  Rail Rush is interesting in […]


AquaDude Brings Running Games Under the Sea on iOS

Side scrolling running games are plentiful on the iOS platform, it takes something unique and interesting to hold any new players interest. AquaDude, by Vortex Gaming, eliminates the pitfalls other running games fall into, namely, taking the action off the land and allowing the player to travel the full height of the screen.

temple run

Five 3D Running Games Worth Your Time

3D Running games are quite popular and don’t show signs of slowing down as gamers constantly push the latest to the top of the charts.  Publishers are all too happy to provide yet another game, usually featuring In App Purchases, to eager fans on iOS and Android.  We have gathered several 3D running games that […]

beach buggy blitz google android zeepad mario kart (1)

Review: Beach Buggy Blitz by Vector Unit on the Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

Okay, kart racing games used to be THE thin in gaming, that should date me pretty well for the readers, but in recent years, they have kind of dropped off the radar for most developers.  We had greats like Mario Kart (which still lives on with every new Nintendo system), Crash Team Racing and many […]

xrunner google android temple agent dash (5)

Review: X-Runner by DroidHen on Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

X-Runner was initially a title that I was interested in based on the look but sorely lacking once I did play it.  What is lacking?  It is a behind the back, 3D running on rails, action adventure title in the same vein as Temple Run and Agent Dash.  Gameplay still consists of tilting the device […]


Review: Agent Dash by Full Fat on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

James Bond never ran away from danger, he was usually running into it, or at least calmly dismantling the machinations of the evil doctor or mad scientist of whatever movie he was in.  For the first time, gamers can take the role of a secret agent, much like James Bond, to infiltrate the the secret […]

one epic knight ios

One Epic Knight Release Looms Exclusively on iOS

From the makers of the incredibly successful Tiny Heroes comes a brand new kind of infinite runner game. One Epic Knight borrows as much from dungeon crawlers as is does from linear running games, providing players with a bevy of loot, upgrades and quests along their journey. Complete with Retina Display and Game Center support, […]


Contest: Running Fred Pirate Costume Code

This code is a first come, first serve code with EXTREMELY limited redemptions so get it while you can.  Running Fred was recently reviewed here on Gaming on Batteries and scored quite well.  As you may know, Running Fred is a freemium title, Dedalord has given us a code for one of the more popular […]

sleepwalkers journey logo

Sleepwalker’s Journey Dreams of iOS and Android

Everyone sleeps. That is a fact. Not everyone dreams though, most people hardly ever really hit that good state of sleep that allows vivid dreams to come through. Even fewer people probably dream like Moonboy who goes on adventures when he sleeps.

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