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symphony of origin

iOS Sales Focus: Role Playing Games

The recent coverage of an upcoming indie role playing game, Temple of the Sun and Moon (with interview), got me to thinking that it would be cool to offer up some other role playing games that are on sale right now for iOS (working on something for Android but large scale sales there are hard […]


Old School Overhead Scrolling Shooters Return with Raiden Legacy on iOS and Android

The high watermark for overhead shooters has been the Raiden series for years and now, Raiden Legacy brings four of the Raiden titles to iOS and Android. In this package gamers get, Raiden (the original), Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet (some SNK naming going on there?).

temple run

Five 3D Running Games Worth Your Time

3D Running games are quite popular and don’t show signs of slowing down as gamers constantly push the latest to the top of the charts.  Publishers are all too happy to provide yet another game, usually featuring In App Purchases, to eager fans on iOS and Android.  We have gathered several 3D running games that […]

blood and glory google play android itunes glu mobile s601 (5)

Review: Blood and Glory by Glu Mobile for the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Growing up from the 8-bit era through to today has given me a bit of insight to the background of fighting games and their roots and progression throughout history.  Up till about the 32-bit era, fighting games were 2D, no matter if it was one plane (Street Fighter II) or levels (Final Fight), they were […]

songpop jxd s601 android google play katy perry (3)

Review: Songpop by FreshPlanet on the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Initially, my introduction to Songpop was by a co-worker that was playing it at break one day.  I kept hearing these short clips of songs that we hear on the radio all of the time and eventually asked what was wrong with his phone (he has a Samsung Galaxy S2).  He said nothing and showed […]

super penguins android zeepad google app (1)

Super Penguins by Supersolid Games Preview on Zeepad 7″ Android Tablet

The last time we saw Super Penguins here at Gaming on Batteries, it was the announcement that the ice running birds were hitting the iOS platform.  This is a preview of the, hinted at in that news post, Android version of Super Penguins by Supersolid games using the Zeepad 7 inch Android Tablet (why so […]

letters from nowhere 2 g5 games google android (1 (3)

Preview – Letters From Nowhere 2 by G5 Games on the Zeepad 7 Inch Android Tablet

G5 Games is one of the publishers on Android that I was most excited about checking out when I got the Zeepad in the mail recently. I had bad luck with a couple of their titles on the S601 Android Hand Held and was quite bummed by the experience (resistive screen device owners still can’t […]


Pre-order Yinlips YDPG19 Android4.0 Capacitive Touch Screen Now Open continue to be the store for importing Android hand helds.  They just announced that pre-orders for teh Yinlips YDPG19 are open on their site.  What is under the hood?  How about Android 4.0, capacitive touch screen, wi-fi multiplayer (still not sure what that is) and Dual HDMI outputs.  The screen resolution is 800×480, still […]


Review- Treasures of Montezuma 3 on JXD S601 Android Portable

Match 3 games are, nearly, a dime a dozen on hand held devices probably because of how well the game play lends itself to touch screen only interfaces and controllers alike.  When I first discovered Treasures of Montezuma on PC years ago, I was about burned out on these type of games, that was before […]

blueprint 3d ios itunes iphone ipod ipad touch puzzle (2)

Review – Blueprint 3D on iOS

Blueprint 3D, one of the newest titles from mobile developer FDG Entertainment, feels less like a game and more like a poorly executed procedural, guiding players through hundreds of levels of fingering twisting fake blueprints. Based around a three dimensional environment designed to resemble a construction blueprint, players start with a distorted view of a […]

sea birds logo

Sea Birds Launched Onto iOS Platform For Freemium Price

Puzzle games on portables are a mainstay since the days of Tetris on the original Nintendo Game Boy. To be a success, a portable NEEDS good puzzle games (quick, name puzzle game on the Atari Lynx, point proven). This is one area that iOS and Android have no problem throwing down in the puzzle category.


Toss It on iOS Price Drop

Anyone that has had an office job for long will be instantly familiar with the premise of Toss It by Boolba Labs, LLC, available on iOS and Google Play.  In the past, tossing paper at trash cans across the room offered quite a bit of suspense and intrigue- will the boss walk in and catch […]


Droid X360 Coming

This is an interesting piece of tech for Android gamers that want something with physical controls that aren’t phone keypads or mini keyboards- which are tough to type on let alone actually game on.  The Droid X360 from Long Xun Software Co., Ltd. is something that is interesting from a gamers stand point.  It runs […]

jxd s5100 s5110 s601 yinlips itunes ios android google comic con (3)

Reading Digital: Comics by ComiXology

It is quite clear to anyone with eyes to see that the entertainment world is quickly moving towards digital only.  This change in the paradigm has been slow going, I believe, mainly because of the lack of a decent method of enjoying most of the digital content that is being created and made available to […]

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