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Civilization Revolution on Windows Phone 8 Using Lumia 521 (Pics)

Civilization was one of those iconic turn based strategy titles that has held its own over the decades since it was originally released. Now available on Windows Phone 8, Civilization Revolution brings a new interface to a familiar game.

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Bonds of the Skies Released by Kemco on iOS and Android

Kemco are continuing their role playing game releases, this time with one for iOS and Android called Bonds of the Skies. ┬áBonds’ story covers the supernatural with a powerful demon attacking our hero’s town forcing him to take action. ┬áThe Air God, Nogard, joins our hero in finding out what happened, who caused it and […]

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HeroCraft to Release Free to Play Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf Game in 2014

HeroCraft are making some waves with their announcements of titles coming in 2014, for instance, Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is coming to iOS, Android and PC in 2014. This is going to be a turn based strategy title from the old days, something that is sorely lacking on mobile platforms today.

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Review – Deep Dungeons of Doom on Android

Role Playing Games (RPGs) and me go way back, so far back that they had no animation, dead enemies just flickered. If you have played and enjoyed titles like Sword of Fargoal or Alternate Reality: The City/Dungeon or just about anything on an old Apple IIe then you will recognize the “feel” of Deep Dungeons […]


Cross Hearts Arcadia Begins its Journey on iOS

Kemco are on a roll lately with new RPGs in the classic form. Recently having released Destiny Fantasia on Android and now iOS gets some classic love with Cross Hearts Arcadia.

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Strategy & Tactics: World War II Receives New Scenarios on Android

Herocraft have just updated Strategy & Tactics: World War II on Android with two new scenarios. Strategy & Tactics: World War II is a turn based strategy title for Android devices.Herocraft have consistently supported Android with quality gaming for awhile now.

symphony of origin

iOS Sales Focus: Role Playing Games

The recent coverage of an upcoming indie role playing game, Temple of the Sun and Moon (with interview), got me to thinking that it would be cool to offer up some other role playing games that are on sale right now for iOS (working on something for Android but large scale sales there are hard […]

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