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plants vs zombies 2 google play android jxd s7300 (2)

Plants vs Zombies 2 Receives Massive Update, Changes Most of the Game

While we have reviewed both the iOS and Android versions of Plants vs Zombies 2, that was the version prior to this update. Why are we doing a news item on an update? Because this update changes quite a bit of the game, almost creating a brand new game while removing a lot of the […]


Review: Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time on iOS (Finally!)

We never reviewed the original Plants vs Zombies here at Gaming on Batteries for several reasons, the main one being we figured the last thing people wanted to read was yet more words on Popcap’s little line defense title (that is like writing ANOTHER review of Super Mario Bros 3).  That is why I am […]

strategy and tactics world war ii android herocraft (1)

Strategy & Tactics: World War II Receives New Scenarios on Android

Herocraft have just updated Strategy & Tactics: World War II on Android with two new scenarios. Strategy & Tactics: World War II is a turn based strategy title for Android devices.Herocraft have consistently supported Android with quality gaming for awhile now.

enchanted kingdom elisas adventure

Herocraft Releases The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure on iOS

We covered this title on Android awhile back, and now we are covering the iOS versoin. How is that for a switch? Android players got the game first. Anyhow, Herorcaft have shown they are a quality game developer and publisher and Enchanted Kingdom just furthers that image.

resident evil 2 game boy advance gba tech demo beta port raylight italy (2)

Gaming on Nintendo: Resident Evil 2 Tech Demo Release Coming Soon

Over on our sister site, Gaming on Nintendo, we have some rather interesting news about the impending release of a rare, unofficial, Resident Evil 2 tech demo soon to be released.

Combo Crew android google play itunes apple jxd s7300 ipod ipad iphone (6)

Combo Crew (Final Fight Tap As We Call It) Now On Android and iOS

Fighting games have been a part of gaming since the days of Karateka, with each new generation of hardware comes some form of an update to the classic formula. For too long, those updates were simply graphical in nature rather than innovation in the game play. Enter Combo Crew from The Game Bakers, or as […]

sonic 4 episode II THD

Even More Android Games On Sale

Continuing the fun that is sale postings (Android and Retro iOS and Square Enix) we bring you even more games on sale this weekend.  Everything from Sega to indies is represented here.

final fantasy 4 IV

Square Enix Final Fantasy Sale on iOS

Square Enix has dropped the price on their Final Fantasy titles on iOS for a limited time.  Grab them at their discounted prices while you can- some are steeper discounts than others but in general, gamers will save a lot of money during this sale.

spellwood banner

Review: Spellwood on Android (Street Fighter II Meets Scrabble)

My first interaction with Spellwood was actually by accident, I was on Google Play and checking out games and discovered this word game by Sega.  Interested, I checked into it more and found out that there was a free version so I downloaded that but I was not to enjoy Spellwood at that time.  It […]

alphadia II

Alphadia II Looms From Kemco on Android

Kemco have become quite the Android RPG publisher as of late with RPG’s that very much resemble the heyday of 16-Bit goodness.  Take the latest title, Alphadia II, set 200 years after the events of the original game, bringing in tow great graphics that feel like they were drawn by the same artist that did […]

paper monsters crescent moon games google android platform (5)

Review: Paper Monsters by Crescent Moon Games on the Zeepad Android ICS 7″ Tablet

Side scrolling action platform games on portable devices that don’t carry the Nintendo lable are rarer than rooster’s teeth nowadays, that is why it is so awesome to see one available on Android.  Paper Monsters by Crescent Moon Games is just that, a 2.5D action adventure title with its roots firmly planted in the 16-Bit […]

blood and glory google play android itunes glu mobile s601 (5)

Review: Blood and Glory by Glu Mobile for the JXD S601 Android Hand Held

Growing up from the 8-bit era through to today has given me a bit of insight to the background of fighting games and their roots and progression throughout history.  Up till about the 32-bit era, fighting games were 2D, no matter if it was one plane (Street Fighter II) or levels (Final Fight), they were […]

letters from nowhere 2 g5 games google android (1 (3)

Preview – Letters From Nowhere 2 by G5 Games on the Zeepad 7 Inch Android Tablet

G5 Games is one of the publishers on Android that I was most excited about checking out when I got the Zeepad in the mail recently. I had bad luck with a couple of their titles on the S601 Android Hand Held and was quite bummed by the experience (resistive screen device owners still can’t […]


JXD S602 Android Hand Held Now Available

Here at Gaming on Batteries, we are quite keen on new Android powered hardware, iOS also but Apple has a much more rigid release schedule on their stuff.  Working closely with companies such as Willgoo out of China, we are able to find out about various pieces of tech that are coming out soon (just […]


Preview: The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure on Android

HeroCraft, indie studio rocking digital content, are dipping their toes into many genres with The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure including, but not limited to, hidden object, match 3 and even city building all in one game.  Take the role of Elisa and lead her to her rightful place on the throne.  The quest will not […]

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