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The GPD G7 Gamepad Running Quad Core CPU, 7 inch screen and Bluetooth Coming Soon

If a five inch screen is just too small (as in the GPD G5A) then check out this other tablet from GPD, the G7 which has similar specs but adds on a 7 inch screen (and Bluetooth support coming in future revisions). This is something that is missing from most tablets today, at least the […]


GPD G5A Android Gaming Tablet Features 5 Inch Screen 8 GB of Memory and Quad Core CPU

In the last year or so, Android powered gaming tablets have picked up steam. We saw the release of the JXD S7300B and recently we got the JXD S7800 and other powerful gaming tablets. Now we have the GPD G5A that features grips for easier holding, a quad core CPU (Cortex A9 running at 1.8 […]


JXD S7800B Now Available For Purchase Through Willgoo

The bad boy of portable Android gaming tablets, the JXD S7800B, is now available for purchase through Willgoo.  This is a monster of a hand held system packing a 1.8 ghz quad core CPU, 2 gigs of RAM, 8 gigs of built in memory (thanks to memory swapping plugins this can be expanded) and a […]


Review- XSample Skelrom on the JXD S7300 Android Gaming Tablet

Skelton, the main man of JXD hacking and improving, released XSample awhile back on message boards and we promptly downloaded it and installed it.  Anyone that has played with the JXD S7300 very long will be able to tell you that the stock firmware sucks pretty hard.  As usual, Skelton has fixed it.

destiny fantasia kemco google play willgoo jxd s7300 (4)

Review: Destiny Fantasia on JXD S7300 Android Tablet

Kemco, the publisher from way back in the day is still around publishing on Android and iOS platforms.  They focus on localizing role playing games that we may not have gotten otherwise such as Destiny Fantasia.  The big question for English speaking gamers is, what type of role playing game is Destiny Fantasia and how […]


JXD S7800 Just Announced – Features Quad Core CPU, 2 GB RAM and IPS Screen

JXD has just announced the S7800B Android Tablet to be released in late August/Early September.  This thing is a gaming beast featuring a quad core Rockchip 3188 rated at 1.8 ghz.  Along with that CPU there is 2 gigs of DDR3 RAM, 8 gigs of internal memory (Skelton is surely chomping at the bit to […]

evertales android crescent moon games itunes google play android ios (3)

Review: Evertales on Android (Physical Buttons Do Make a Difference)

Anyone that has read Gaming on Batteries for very long knows I am a gamer from back in the day. When I say that, I don’t mean from when the PS2 was released, I mean back when the Atari 2600 reigned supreme, I was there for the release of Pitfall for instance, though young, I […]


Tiny Token Empires is on Sale on Google Play

HeroCraft have placed their Android title, Tiny Token Empires, on sale for a limited time.  Right now, on Google Play, you can grab this brain teasing humour filled strategy title for the low low price of $0.99.  Just click the pic below to be taken to the store.

ant raid

HeroCraft Release Demo Version of Popular Ant Raid Title on Android

If you have been avoiding HeroCraft’s Any Raid game due to there not being a demo available then you have no excuse now. HeroCraft have just released a two level demo for their popular title about the tiniest workers in nature.

JXD S908 quad core android IPS tablet (3)

Pre-Order the JXD S908 Quad Core Android Tablet From

We all know with JXD that the hardware we see in the tablets they release will be in the upcoming versions of their gaming line of hand helds.  The S908 features a quad core CPU, 2 gigs of DDR3 RAM and a 9.7 IPS Retina Display.  This is a gamers tablet and one that is […]

letcool hand held (3)

Geekgoo Closeout: Letcool 350JP Hand Held with Free DHL Shipping

Willgoo, our first and continuing sponsor here at GoB has just let us know that the factory is closing out the Letcool 350JP hand held system (it is able to be connected to your HDTV for play at home too).  This special closeout sale is limited to stock on hand, less than 10 available, and […]

Plasma Sky google play overhead scrolling shooter jxd s7300 s601 s5100 s5300 jxd (7)

New Overhead Scrolling Shooter, Plasma Sky, Blasts Onto Google Play and iTunes

Overhead scrolling shooters, once a proud genre with their close cousing- the side scrolling shooter, is almost an endangered species of gaming. Sure, we get the occasional retro release from Capcom (how many times can fans be expected to buy yet another copy of any of the 194x series?), but fans want new original action. […]


5 8-Bit Retro Throwback Titles to Play on Your New JXD S7300 Android Tablet

Retro is all the rage right now with everyone throwing stuff up that used to be old from Pepsi doing the “throwback” thing with their two most popular soda lines to game companies really getting behind the act of releasing old games on new hardware (shame none are doing it for magazines yet).  Here are […]


Price Drop Alert for JXD S7300

Our friends over at Willgoo have let us know about a really cool price drop on the JXD S7300 Android hand held.  If you are new to the JXD S7300, check out my write up on it here and some of the great games that we have verifiable quality shots running on it here.

temple run 2 banner

Review: Temple Run 2 on Android (Good but…)

Imangi Studios, the small team responsible for the endless running game that brought the genre into the third dimension, had released the sequel a bit ago on Android (even earlier on iOS).  While Temple Run 2 is a good game, there are some faults, chinks in the armor if you will, that keep it from […]

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