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Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare Review

Zombies are everywhere, not just running around during the Halloween time of year. Thanks to the popularity of shows such as The Walking Dead and movies like Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, and many others, we have zombies running amok

Into the Dead 2 Enters Pre-Order Stage on Google Play

Into the Dead 2 PIKPOK Android

Ah, zombie games. They are all over the place and some are not worth your time even looking at them in the various stores, let alone downloading them. Into the Dead 2 is a sequel, duh, to one of the

New Walking Dead Augmented Reality Game Coming to Android and iPhone

Walking Dead Our World Android iPhone

How do you take a franchise that is known for scary moments and drama and make a game out of it? Well, for years various developers and publishers have tried to bring The Walking Dead to gamers with varying success.