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Temple Run Review – JXD S601 Android

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Games with minimal story lines seems to be the big thing for new releases, when the game is great it can actually enhance the experience of the user.  When the game is crap, no matter how great the story line, it is going to suck.  As expected Temple Run, by Imangi Studios, is one of the better, more entertaining titles that features nearly nothing in the story department.

What is there though is quite short and open for interpretation by the player.  Taking control of your ever running hero who has taken the golden idol from the tomb (I love how it is vague leaving open imaginative options such as playing that Indiana Jones game we never really got).  That is about it.  The main character just runs, jumps and slides his way through the levels in the hope of reaching an end that never comes.

Physical buttons aren’t used here, except for the back/escape key buttons.  Once you are in the game, everything is handled by touch and swiping up/down and left/right.  To jump swipe up, to slide swipe down and turns are handled by left and right swipes on the screen.  Pretty simple controls but I would still love to see the option to use physical buttons on devices that have them.

S601 Specifics:

I see a lot of comments by others on Google Play leaving comments that Temple Run lags or bogs down on their Android devices, I can safely say, it doesn’t do that on the S601, there is a little bit of stuttering in the very beginning (when there is the main character and several monkeys chasing him out of the temple opening.  After that, I haven’t noticed any lag in the game.

In game, the graphics fill the screen without any problems, the problems come in when selecting items in the shop screens or when you screw up and die (usually deaths will occur due to the screen, more below).  Some of the graphics are cut off on the left and right sides of the screen as shown in the pics (it is nothing that causes problems, just a slight annoyance).

Since the JXD S601 uses a resistive touch screen, you will have to really press hard or use your fingernail or a pointing device to get responsiveness in the game.  I would suggest lowering the sensitivity of the accelerometer to keep your runner from being spastic in his response time.

As the advertising mentions, the iOS hit is now on Android and it is a good showing all around by the developers adapting the game to such a wide variety of hardware variations.  Runner fans that are a little jaded about the genre should give Temple Run a shot, it is definitely worth the price of admission.

Temple Run by Imangi Studios
Platform: Android
Rated: Low Maturity
Score: 88/100
Available on Google Play
JXD S601 used for review, to learn more about this device, please read our JXD S601 article.  Purchase your JXD S601 from Willgoo.com today.

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