Tetris Attack Forgets Namesake Puzzler on Super Nintendo – Today in Retro Gaming – August 4th, 1996

Tetris Attack was an awesome game.  Too bad it had to rip off the Tetris name as that probably should have been saved for a true puzzle game in the series.  What we got in Tetris Attack was a Nintendo-ized puzzle game that was pretty much all new for the North American market.  You might say this game is the predecessor of Bejeweled, another “match 3” title that set the gaming world on fire a few years after Tetris Attack was released.

The premise of this game is almost completely backwards than that of Tetris.  The pieces are not falling from the top of the screen, they rise out of the bottom.  You are not removing lines, you are matching 3, or more, pieces and setting up combos similar to Columns on the Sega platforms.  The only thing that Tetris Attack has with Tetris is the “well” that pieces fill and the score being on the screen.

Along with the Super Nintendo version of Tetris Attack, Nintendo released a Game Boy version.  Over the years Nintendo has kept Tetris Attack alive and well on their platforms.  It was remade, slightly, and renamed Pokemon Puzzle League and featured the hugely popular Pokemon characters in place of Yoshi and friends.  Then we saw a similar release on the Game Boy Color in Pokemon Puzzle Challenge.  If you are a Japanese import gamer then you probably know about the Nintendo Puzzle Collection that was released on the Nintendo Gamecube- it featured the original Panel de Pon characters but with updated graphics.

Back to North America and the Game Boy Advance release of Dr. Mario and Puzzle League we see a stripped down version.  Puzzle League featured generic graphics instead of any Nintendo owned characters.  Weird considering this is the only version like this.  Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, whatever you want to call it was also released many times in one form or another on the Nintendo DS DSi platforms.

If you need some Tetris Attack in your life (it really is awesome) then hit up Ebay or the Nintendo Virtual Console.