Tetris Axis Review for Nintendo 3DS

Tetris Axis Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo and Tetris go way back. The original Gameboy hit it big, in part, because Tetris came bundled with the system at launch. The Tengen version of Tetris is still sought after by NES collectors. Personally, I’ve not played Tetris since the PS1 days. I did play it on the original Gameboy and the Gameboy Color, but by the 2000′s, I had moved on to other things. I’ve heard good things about Tetris on the DS, but have never played it. So, since the 3DS is still struggling with releases, I thought now would be a good time to give Tetris another shot with Tetris Axis for the 3DS.
This 3DS version boasts an impressive 20 different modes to experience Tetris. Since I’ve been away from the game for a while, most of these are new to me. The standard marathon and versus modes are included, and Nintendo threw in Internet play as a bonus. Not just the local wireless play either. Don’t have a connection? There’s a CPU versus mode also. For me, the modes I wanted to try the most were Jigsaw, Shadow Wide, and Climber. Jigsaw and Climber turned out to disappoint me a bit, but Shadow Wide is amazing! The game gives you a picture and you have to fill it in with tetris blocks as best you can. It tracks how close you get and how long it takes you to finish. Other modes include Fever, Capture, Sprint, and Race, but none of these kept my attention like Shadow Wide and Marathon.

I’ve been playing Tetris for over 20 years and will probably keep playing it until arthritis sets in and I can’t grip a hand held anymore. This version is not my favorite (original Game Boy, FTW!), but the Shadow Wide mode is a very refreshing take on the game. The 3D doesn’t really add a whole lot outside of the Fill mode. Here, a wall is moving towards you and you have to fill in the missing tetris pieces before the wall reaches the screen. The 3D really gives you a sense of the wall coming at you, but, it is not necessary to play with it on. All in all, Tetris Axis is good compilation of mini games, with a couple noteworthy standouts. I wouldn’t rush out and buy it immediately, but, after a price cut, this game will give you outstanding value for your buck. Check out the video below to see some of the many modes available in Tetris Axis!

Tetris Axis by Nintendo
Developed by Hudson Soft
Score: 75 out of 100
Rated E for Everyone

Check eBay for a deal on Tetris Axis. Also available on the Nintendo eShop if you prefer digital.