Tetris Blitz 2016 Edition Released onto Android

Okay who doesn’t know about Tetris by now?  For the few that do not know, Tetris is a falling block game from the 80’s.  Various companies from Nintendo to, now, EA have kept the brand alive and well on many different platforms.  Android and iPhone are just a couple of the newer platforms.  Recently, Electronic Arts updated Tetris Blitz and renamed it, at least in the store pages, adding “2016 Edition” to the title.

According to the Google Play page for Tetris Blitz these are some of the updates:

  • Step up your game with bright graphics and visuals
  • Unlock exciting Power-Ups and Finishers as you level up
  • Be rewarded for playing all-day, every day with new Daily Challenges
  • Make it rain with fresh Golden Minos – the more you clear, the more you earn
  • Be showered with Golden Minos in the Gold Rush bonus round after every level up

The basis of Tetris Blitz is to score as many points as possible in two minutes.  That is where the “blitz” comes from, that severe time limit.  Now, in the past other companies have taken popular franchises and added similar restrictions to a standalone release – such as Montezuma Blitz which featured match 3 gameplay with a one minute time limit.

There are power ups to collect, purchase and use in Tetris Blitz.  This is where the In App Purchases come in, especially for people that don’t want to grind and save up for the expensive little buggers.

EA has a bad rap for releasing buggy, slow, games but Tetris Blitz is pretty stable and plays well.  Just be prepared to drop some cash to beat those high scores on the leaderboards.

Tetris Blitz by EA
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Android and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store