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The Bane of Yoto Pushes “Digital Comics” Farther Down the Rabbit Hole

bane of yoto title

Comics on hand held devices may still seem wierd to some people but here at Gaming on Batteries, we are cool with it and embrace the genre. Especially when it is done in a unique manner that is compelling and more than just a “digital comic”. We have been great fans of Carnival Comics for instance (feature story in issue #3 of our magazine and featured time and time again here onsite). Now, we can add Leviathon games to the, extremely short, list of trendsetters in the digital comics realm.

The Bane of Yoto goes the route of “animated comics” that seem to have all but died off after the boon of DVD’s brought them to their first heyday of entertainment (Marvel and DC comics tried this with some of their biggest franchises). The difference with Bane is that it uses the power of the graphics chips that NVIDIA have in Tegra powered devices rather than just being simple 2D animations. Laviathon Games call their engine “Dreamotion” and so far, it looks pretty cool.

The first issue of Bane of Yoto is free for those that have Tegra devices and the second issue is now available on Google Play.

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