The Fable of Ruby Pulls Inspiration from Legend of Zelda, Available Now on Android

What is the best form of flattery? Imitation, right? Well, if that is the case then The Legend of Zelda should be blushing right now. The Fable of Ruby is an overhead action adventure just like The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The differences are minimal but still noticeable.

The Fable of Ruby features over 200 dungeon rooms to explore throughout the 10 stages of action. Where the differences start stepping in, besides the size of the game world, include upgradeable weapons and equipment.

This is where I usually would mention the storyline and things but, well, there is no real story here, at least not as far as the Google Play listing is concerned. All we have to go on is that there is a soaring tower full of creatures and a girl. Whelp, I guess that is good enough to go on this trek through perilous rooms and fight untold monstrosities along the way.

The dungeons are setup similar to Nintendo’s classic game. Some rooms are locked until you defeat the enemies, bombs play a familiar role and boss characters are deadly but have patterns. You have a weapon and must use it to dispatch the enemies in the dungeons. Pretty standard fare for the job of saving a damsel in distress (is that even politically correct anymore, or does anyone care?).

While we can almost rest assured that we will never see an official Legend of Zelda game on Android, games like The Fable of Ruby help ease the pain a bit. Maybe we need to put together a list of mobile alternatives to Nintendo classics?

The Fable of Ruby by Hyunmin Ryu
Genre: Overhead action adventure
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone 10+ years old
Available now on Google Play