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The Guide to Maximizing Viggle For You

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This is a follow up article to the previous one I did about Viggle (Getting Paid to Watch TV With Viggle, Is It Worth Your Time?) in which I was pretty critical about how Viggle worked and the sad fact that, well, it would take quite a long time to be able to get anything (even lower priced prizes probably aren’t worth your time to bother with).  My stance still stands, I think the lower priced prizes are not worth the time and effort to buy them (using the guide below, it will still take several days just to get a $5 Burger King eGift Card for instance).This guide does not violate the terms of use as listed on Viggle’s own site (in fact, their FAQ was what inspired me to go ahead and keep using Viggle and see if it really will work).  It does.  So, here are the basics on maximizing your Viggle time to get the most out of using the App. Step one, pick your television provider (the more channels on offer through the provider you choose, the better since shows are tied to this key choice).  If a show airs on a channel that isn’t on your television provider then you can’t get points for it.  One thing to do here is to find one that offers the most channels in your area (of course you are a subscriber, right?) and then you will be able to access the most points possible on any given day. Step two, start some form of list to keep track of the shows, their start times and points you will get for checking into them.  This is key since you MUST be checked in for at least 10 minutes to receive the bonus points associated with a show (you don’t necessarily have to WATCH it to get the points). The list process is best to keep track of things, I use this method: Date 7 pm 250 Watching Gaming on Batteries vids 8 pm 100  Mad Men Etc. Listing the shows is the best way to keep track of what is on when because there will be some days that there are more than six shows on at any given hour (the most I have been able to check into has been five shows due to having to wait for Viggle to go through the process to let me manually enter a show name then it find it). Step 3, keep TVGuide.com open to the listings.  Why?  For those rare times that more than six shows are on at a time, surely some will be repeated later in the night so you can always check into it at the later time and catch another show during the first run that isn’t repeating later. Repeat for every day of the week that you plan on using Viggle to get paid to watch TV.  So far, the best I have been able to do is about 5,200 points (of the 6,000 maximum for any given day).  On average though, I get about 2,500 to 3,000 points on a good day (i.e., high bonus points). Extras that are nice to have available include a DVR that can record more than one show (AT&T U-Verse anyone?) and even Hulu (for shows that get put on there after initially airing on TV (Hulu is hit or miss depending on when they put the show up since Viggle won’t let you check into a show later than 24 hours of the original airing so keep that in mind). Additional ways to maximize your points is to check into long running shows like sporting events (have you checked out Fancake yet?) or longer movies.  Use TVGuide.com to find off the wall shows like “Fuze Takerovers” that run for 24 hour periods also from time to time.  Viggle only allows 12 hours of “check in’s” per day (you can still get bonus points but you won’t accrue the usual 1 point per minute of viewing after the first 720 points earned for watching television already). The problem of having decent prizes still rears it’s ugly head.  To really get much use of out of Viggle, you will have to become a power user, getting every possible bonus point, maxing out your daily viewing time, etc.  Is it easy?  It isn’t that hard but it is definitely time consuming and can really take you out of the show you are being paid to watch because you are simply wanting the bonus points. Nine thousand points for a $5 Burger King gift card is a little high considering, even if maxing out your time with Viggle, that would take at least a day and a half to earn (longer if you are anything less than a super power user and well, some days, you simply won’t reach the max due to there not being enough bonus points to do so). I am not knocking Viggle as much as I did in the original article but it still has a ways to go before it is a “required” App for most people.  Course, where else are you getting anything in return for your viewing time?

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