Thimbleweed Park Released on Android

Thimbleweed Park Android

Thimbleweed Park is a throwback to the classic days of point and click adventure games. It has to be because the team behind it, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, are also responsible for some of the most popular classic adventure games gaming has known. Don’t believe me? Do you recognize Monkey Island? How about Maniac Mansion? Yeah, thought you did. Those are classics of the genre and have been ported to many platforms of the day. Thimbleweed Park is a sleuthing adventure that has heavy X-Files vibes coming from it, and it is available or Android. Right now.

While other platforms have already seen Thimbleweed Park, Android is just now getting it – par for the course as Google’s platform is viewed as second class by most developers. For those that take the plunge and pick up Thimbleweed Park you can expect about 10 hours of gameplay for your $10 purchase. For that price you are safe from advertising and there are no In App Purchases to hold you back. You gotta pay to play.

Our friends over at Android Police are reporting that there is currently no Google Play Games Services support. That means no achievements, no leaderboard, and no cloud save support. Today, that is a big no-no from a developer, especially when asking a premium price for their game. I see this being a big problem for many potential fans, though we didn’t have those things back in the day and we were just fine with it.

I did an interview with the duo behind Thimbleweed Park over on Retro Gaming Magazine. Check it out for some behind the scenes information on their careers and of course information on Thimbleweed Park.

For those that brave the lack of Google Play Services support, you will get an adventure that feels like the classics, looks like them, and will gnaw at that nostalgic part of your brain as you tackle the quest before you.

Thimbleweed Park by Terrible Toybox Inc
Platform: Android (also available on other platforms)
Genre: Point and Click, Adventure
In App Purchases: None. Pay up front and play
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play
Available now on Google Play

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