Three Titles That Should Have Been Launch Titles on Nintendo's 3DS

This article was originally made available on Gaming on Nintendo on June 1st, 2013- Rather than doing the boring same old top five games of this general persuasion, which is quite boring and unimaginative, I’ve decided to do a special three list of titles that Nintendo really should had as launch titles on the 3DS, if for nothing else, coolness factor.  First up, Rad Racer on the NES, this title came with old school 3D glasses (the red and blue ones for those that think “old school 3D glasses” means 3D goggles at the theater last year).   Racing games have always been slightly “off” when done in 3D on older consoles that really didn’t have the technology to properly display game world.  Missed opportunity here to bring in the retro player Nintendo, missed opportunity. rad-racer Next up, Welltris (anyone remember this title?  EA released a variation on Genesis called Blockout so we will accept either one here).  Tetris was big, the rest of the *tris line not so much.  Still though, the pseudo 3D of either title here is cool enough that it would have translated really well onto the 3DS, surely.  Right?  I mean, imagine how cool it would be seeing the blocks coming into the screen going away from the eye of the player- it could be a really cool illusion and possibly one of the better optical confusions going.  Another title missed out on. welltris_7 Since saying “just any First Person Shooter from the early days of 3D technology” would be unfair I will pick the most obvious choice here- Duke Nukem 3D.  Sure, the potty mouthed cigar smoking muscular man about town had a less than favorable outing with his extremely late Duke Nukem Forever title, he could have redeemed a bit of street cred by hitting the 3DS with some cool effects that the platform affords.  Nope, again, missed opportunity.


Sure there are countless titles that could have been in this list but I limited it to three just for kicks (and I am tired of seeing five or 10 “top” lists, doing something different like 12 or three or 76 or something- anything but another five or 10 list).  Love it or hate it, those are three titles that could have been really cool to show off the 3DS and get old school gamers in on something newer (much more interesting than Urban Champion).