Top 10 PlayStation Portable (PSP) Games

The PlayStation Portable was Sony’s first stand alone portable and boy was it a special platform. The power of this bad boy was about on par with the PlayStation 2 console, could play PSOne titles, had a large library (over 1,300 games worldwide), and it was one of the first portables to offer Internet surfing out of the box. Whew. That is a lot of games for fans to sift through, a lot are region specific releases (but the PSP is not region locked). Here are my Top 10 PlayStation Portable games – got a beef with one? Let me know in the comments!10) Mega Man Powered Up

This was a remake of the original Mega Man adventure that we saw on the Nintendo Entertainment System. What set this remake apart from others is the cutesy graphics. This art style used to annoy the hell out of me back when I saw it used in a Toshinden special release and Virtua Fighter Kids. Now, it has kind of grown on me. Capcom didn’t just phone this one in though, there are two new levels and even various new modes to play. Cool stuff. Available on eBay.

9) Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Anyone that recognizes this title also understands the value it represents. This is a 2.5D remake of the PC Engine CD exclusive Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (expensive on eBay) but also contains the PSOne classic, Symphony of the Night (again, expensive on eBay). Now, I am a huge fan of the 2.5D genre and wish more companies would make use of it. Couple that with a quality Castlevania experience and a purchase is almost guaranteed. Available on eBay.

8) Monster Hunter Freedom

God of War saw two releases on the PSP. They are not alone in the whole “kill giant creatures” genre as Capcom threw their hat in the ring with Monster Hunter Freedom and boy was it a big hat. This is quite the rewarding, challenging, PSP title – one that you are not going to beat in one sitting. Available on eBay.

7) MotorStorm: Arctic Ege

Okay, I am not a fan of racing games but MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is on my list anyhow. Slightly branching paths, different vehicles, wild environments, and more are reason enough to give this one a lap or two with your PSP. Available on eBay.

6) Silent Hill: Origins

This is a horror game for the few that don’t know about Silent Hill. Since Capcom never released a Resident Evil game on PSP, Konami was pretty much left alone in this genre. Sure, there were other horror games, but they were not RE or Silent Hill, the two leaders of the genre. Personally, this game was scary for me as I only played it at night with headphones. Available on eBay.

5) Final Fantasy Tactics

Strategy fans will love this one. It is long, it is deep, and it is engaging. Square Enix know how to make these games entertaining and Final Fantasy Tactics is a fine example. Being on PSP makes it portable and even more fun to play on long trips. Available on eBay.

4) Puzzle Quest

This was the game that got me back into match 3 games. I was amazed at the fact that you were fighting someone rather than just clearing boards. It was so original and expanded the idea of Bejeweled a lot. The story was okay but the quest kept things interesting. Available on eBay.

3) Daxter

This was the pack-in for my PSP and it was one I played quite a bit. I was, and still am, into 3D adventures like this and playing it on PSP was great. Daxter was snarky, better than Dana Gould in Gex, I think. Great for anyone wanting a fun 3D adventure. Available on eBay.

2) WWE All-Stars

I am a huge wrestling fan. Give me a good one on the go. Make it over the top like the television show and I am hooked. That is exactly what All-Stars was – over the top wrestling action. Available on eBay.

1) God of War (both games)

There was no escaping this for me. God of War on PSP was my first taste of the franchise. I had a chance to try it on PS2 but went with Shadow of the Colossus instead (still believe it was the better choice at the time). These two games personified what it was to be a PSP gamer over a Nintendo DS owner. Nintendo just doesn’t have anything to compete with this franchise. Available on eBay.

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