Transporter Flight Simulator Takes Aerobiz Idea Farther on Android and iOS

It is interesting that we see modern gamers talk about how much cooler their games are than what we had in the past.  I find this interesting because, even on the “limited” 16-bit Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis we, seemingly, had more variety in games than we see on the “more powerful” Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  Anyone reading this remember Aerobiz by Koei?  That game was quite cool, as most of their games were, but complicated (again a trademark of Koei).  You were given the reigns of a fledgling airplane transportation company and had to turn a profit by expanding and doing things right.  Anyone remember anything like that on Playstation 4 or Xbox?  Me neither.  Transporter Flight Simulator, for Android and iOS, takes the idea of Aerobiz and goes just a few miles farther with it.

While Aerobiz was more of a corporation simulation, Transporter Flight Simulator puts you in the cockpit, so to speak, of the individual plane.  You are responsible for providing a safe, tumble and crash free, trip for your passengers.  There is more to Transporter Flight Simulator than just flying a plane and landing- there are the myriad of other little things involved with those activities.  Don’t worry, Toplight Game have “gamefiied” things, much like the good old days, so it is not a “chore” to do things right and expand your fledgling airplane transportation empire.

There are In App Purchases in Transporter Flight Simulator but that is a common evil in today’s gaming (tell me again how it is all around better?).  There is apparently a lot of content available to you based on your play time, how well you are doing and other factors so IAP’s here may be minimal and more along the lines of “pay to win” versus “pay to enjoy”.

Transporter Flight Simulator by Toplight Game
Platform: Android and iOS
Genre: Business simulation
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Everyone on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store