Tropico Coming to iPad, Price Announced

Tropico Apple iPad

Tropico, the classic island based SimCity style game that first released in 2001, is coming to the Apple iPad. This is not a straight port of the original game. There will be many improvements made to the game to modernize it and make it more accessible for iPad gamers. Tropico lands on the Apple App Store this autumn.

Somewhat based on the banana republics group of islands, Tropico does not take itself too seriously when comedy could be more interesting for the gamer. One area that Tropico took hold of the bull by the horns was original Latin-style music which was performed by Daniel Indart.

Unlike city building titles like SimCity, you are not the mayor of this island. You are a dictator but you have to be good to your people or they will revolt rather than voting you out of power. Not only do you have to worry about citizens revolting but rebel armies and your own army can turn your fun into a fight for your life. This includes foreign governments taking steps to remove you from power if they are dissatisfied with your performance.

Building on the challenge of running a city or managing a group of people to overthrow the enemy, such as in Populace, here you have much more to worry about. Not only the aforementioned enemies in the political side of things but on top of that, you have to manage the actual building and development of your island nation.

Tropico for the Apple iPad is going to modernize the game engine making things much easier to control than what might first come to mind with such a complex game. The gameplay video above shows off some of this optimization making it clear that they are not sacrificing anything unless they have to.

Tropico will retail for $11.99/£11.99/€12.99 with no In App Purchases.

Tropico by Kalypso Media
Platform: Apple iPad, also on computers, consoles
Genre: Simulation, city building
In App Purchases: No, one time purchase only
Rated: Unknown at this time, probably 12+
Available autumn 2018 on the Apple App Store

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