Tyrannosaur Tex Unreleased Game Boy Color Title Acquired by Piko Interactive

Piko Interactive have just announced that they have acquired an unreleased Game Boy Color title- Tyrannosaur Tex.  Tyrannosaur Tex is a first person shooter.  For the Game Boy Color.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Back in the late 90’s, Eidos Interactive had this little title in development over at Slitherine (no idea), due for release in late 2000.  That release never happened.  Now, Piko Interactive have set in motion their plans to correct that little misunderstanding between Eidos and fans.

There are not a lot of first person shooters on the Game Boy Color- can you name five?  How about three?  Yeah, it is that rare.  This is as ambitious now as it was 16 years ago.  I am confident that Piko Interactive will come through as they do this for a living (just look at our other articles on them).

Piko Interactive had this to say about their latest acquisition, “We want that Ip to be one of the significant Piko intellectual properties such as dorke and Ymp.”  Announcement available here.

The story behind Tyrannosaur Tex is something along the lines of you playing as a gunslinger in the Texan town of Eastwood.  There is a spaceship crash near town and it is not good.  The spaceship was full of sinister robots who are hell bent on taking over the Earth.  These robots start replicating and even resurrect dinosaurs and even create hybrids with them.  This is not good, folks.

Somehow, Slitherine fit nearly 30 levels and a two player deathmatch mode into Tyrannosaur Tex.  On a Game Boy Color.  There is stereo sound, about 10 levels of “scaling” and an amazingly high 16 objects on the screen at once.  The engine runs at about 20 to 30 frames per second and there are about 100 high color intermission screens according to our friends over at Unseen64.

The cool thing is, Piko plan on finishing the Tyrannosaur Tex and possibly porting it to PC and “other” platforms (no word on what those platforms could be- maybe Dreamcast?).  Current release is hopefully by 2017.

Keep an eye on Retro Gaming Magazine for more news on Tyrannosaur Tex on the Game Boy Color.   For more on Piko Interactive and their games, they cover many platforms, head over to their site.

Don’t have a Game Boy Color?  Grab one on Ebay and get ready for this cool game!