Ufouria: This is what the Virtual Console is all about

Usually I get disappointed when I read about the newest Nintendo downloads every Thursday.  This past Thursday seemed like just another lame week of no-name downloads when I first read about them.  After doing a bit more research, I see that this is not just another download week.  Nintendo put up a game that was never released in America and, apparently, is quite rare and expensive in Europe.

Ufouria is described as an easy Metroid with 4 playable characters like Super Mario Bros 2.  Honestly, I have never heard of it, but now, I want to try it out.  Metroid games are my favorite type of games and SMB 2 is another great game to borrow elements from.  What about you?  Ever heard of Ufouria or ever played it?  Is it worth a download?  Even if the game stinks, this is what the Virtual Console should be about.  Getting games that are not easily found on their native systems.  There are a ton of games that never made it out of Japan or got released in Europe, but not the USA.  It allows gamers to discover games they never would have otherwise.  I plan on downloading Ufouria to show my support for such game releases.  What about you?


Hey, turns out this weeks other offerings look better than I first thought too.  Siesta Fiesta looks like a great Breakout type game and Wooden Sen’sey looks pretty good too.